How Aussies Are Feeling About Christmas This Year

By: Mark McCrindle

As the year draws to a close, Australians are gearing up for the festive season, reflecting on the challenges and triumphs of the past year.

Although some setbacks and hurdles were faced by many Australians, there is a prevailing sense of optimism among Aussies as they approach the Christmas season.

Despite the challenges faced throughout the year, a resounding four in five Australians (79%) express a profound sense of hope and optimism toward the Christmas season. This optimism is particularly strong among younger Australians, with 85% of Gen Z and 84% of Gen Y sharing in this sentiment, who have a sense of positivity for the season ahead.

With many Australians facing a financially challenging year due to the cost of living crisis, it’s heartening to witness many Aussies, especially the younger generation, looking ahead with renewed hope as Christmas approaches.

Time to rest and recharge

For the majority of Australians, Christmas signifies more than just a holiday—it’s a time for rest and rejuvenation. The majority of Australians (78%) view Christmas as an opportunity to relax and recharge, eagerly anticipating this much-needed break. Young Australians, including 84% of Gen Z and 81% of Gen Y, embrace the holiday period as a chance to refresh themselves.

Cherishing traditions

Holiday traditions hold a special place in the hearts of Australians, offering comfort and joy across generations. Over 83% of Australians find comfort in holiday traditions, with Gen Y (87%) expressing a particularly strong attachment. These timeless rituals, including family gatherings, carol singing, decorations, and festive food, resonate deeply for Australians, uniting everyone during this special season.

A season of connection and generosity

Amidst holiday traditions, Australians deeply value connection and shared moments, epitomising the true essence of Christmas. Australians place an importance on family and inclusivity during Christmas. An overwhelming 90% believe that spending quality time with family is the most significant aspect of the festive season. Additionally, 86% would extend a Christmas Day invitation to someone spending the day alone, highlighting a generous spirit of inclusivity amongst Aussies.

Older generations are most likely to invite others to participate in Christmas Day festivities if they were lonely compared to younger generations (89% Gen X, 87% Baby Boomers compared to 83% Gen Z, 86% Gen Y). The willingness to extend invitations, particularly among older generations, reflects the shared value of togetherness during the festive period.

Moreover, Christmas serves as an opportunity for Australians to reconnect with long-lost friends and relatives. Around 85% cherish this season as a chance to rekindle relationships and reunite with loved ones, emphasising the significance of this festive season in fostering and renewing bonds.

Amidst the business of daily life, the message of Christmas holds a unique significance for many and a time when Australians eagerly anticipate reconnecting with friends and family they haven’t seen throughout the year. After a volatile year, and in uncertain times, Australians value Christmas as a time to reflect, be thankful, and reconnect. Amidst the commercial aspects of Christmas, it is still a time of faith and family and a great reminder that while time and distance may separate us, this season provides the occasion for loved ones to unite and renew cherished bonds.

Article supplied with thanks to McCrindle.

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Feature image: Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash