What barriers are standing in the way of your friends meeting Jesus and how can you help demolish them?

Listening to fear doesn’t just affect you. Often times there is another person waiting on the other side of your courage.

BibleProject’s videos have clocked up over 200 million views and counting, and they’ve recently launched a free educational platform.

There can be a temptation to believe that the more knowledge we attain about God, the more our faith will grow and develop.

Our response when we fail can either set us on a path of deeper connection with God, freedom and forgiveness, or years of shame, guilt and condemnation.


January 26, 2021

“As the times get darker remember the light will shine even brighter”. As evil continues to grow don’t underestimate the power of the goodness of God.

You know God’s doing something special when you’re choosing the colour of the ashtrays for the church not the colour of the carpet.

In 1904, a tall, slender, well dressed woman stepped ashore on the cannibal-infested island of Malaita, in the Solomon Islands group.

God’s voice is best heard within the safety and accountability of the church community. This is the pattern we see in the early church.

In a workaholic age, the healthiest thing may be to spend a few more days in little rooms by the seaside – in restful, prayerful retreat.

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