The Disturbing Contradiction at the Heart of Secular Morality

There’s a contradiction built into the heart of the secular view of morality, that upends the view of human rights many take for granted.

Okay Thought Leaders: It’s Time to Stop Bagging Out the “Average Church Member”

I don’t think it’s encouraging for church members to keep on reading on socials what a poor job they are doing.

What is Your Operating System?

What is your operating system, for life? Where do you go to find beauty? Or purpose? Or peace? How do you make meaningful connections?

Is Russell Finally Branding Himself A Christian?

If you haven’t seen the video of Russell Brand declaring that he’s getting seriously interested in Christianity – watch it now.

Why the World Needs More Emotionally Healthy Pastors

Most pastors are good-hearted, humble and authentic. But what keeps them like that? What guides them in staying true to their moral compass?

A Christian Response to Suicide: Learning from the Past

When it comes to handling suicide, the church has made its greatest mistakes when it has not allowed pain to touch its own heart.

Evangelism Qualifications: Just be Yourself

When it comes to evangelism, God created you with a unique personality, and skills and abilities to reach the people in your life.

Hip-Hop Icon Chance the Rapper says “God is a God for the Oppressed”

Chance the Rapper addressed a 2500-strong audience in Australia and spoke about his faith impacting his music.

Your Plans and God’s Plans

Which plans have you had in your life, which God has frustrated? Search your heart. Do you resent it or do you truly submit to his will?

Joy and Peace

In this verse of Romans, the apostle reveals a vital spiritual principle: God can fill you with all joy and all peace.

Questions for the New Year: Two Prompts from Genesis 16

As the year draws to a close and we think towards the year ahead, I want to raise two questions found in the book of Genesis, chapter 16.

The Two Basic Human Needs: Bios and Zoë

Maslow once thought our highest need was to fulfil our individual potential; he later revised this, realising we have spiritual needs too.

Kim’s Convenience, and Asian Dad Stereotypes

Like most sitcom family dads, Appa from ‘Kim’s Convenience’ is a bumbling goofball. But there’s a hole in his heart, writes Sam Chan.

People are Deconstructing their Faith. Here’s How to Respond

If you or someone you know is going through a process of deconstruction in their faith, here are some things to remember.

Why Should You Share About Jesus?

Jesus said to his 12 friends, “Go tell everyone! Don’t keep this to yourself.” This call wasn’t meant just for them. It was for you too!

Bear the Failings of the Weak

Paul is referring to those who are weak because they insist on certain religious principles – ones that are voided by our liberty in Christ.

When Church is Beautiful

I don’t know if you have ever left a church service thinking, “Wow – that was really beautiful.” Here are two Sundays where I did…

Birkenstocks are Hot Right Now… Wait, But How?

Birkenstocks are all the rage. Wait, but how? When I wore Birkenstocks 20 years ago, they were super daggy…