Your False Self [Devotion]

Your true self will only be found in a trusting relationship with God motivated by love. Another word for that is surrender.

How a Humble Western Sydney Pastor Got Canberra’s Attention On Religious Freedom

A suburban pastor organised a rally on religious freedom, then was invited to talk to the Shadow Attorney-General. Yet he doesn’t see himself as political.

Will You Take the Challenge to Have 5 Spiritual Conversations This Month?

When it comes to faith conversations, are you “hesitant”, “busy” or “enthusiastic”? City Bible Forum say all types can share the good news.

Why the World Hates Vegemite

We only love vegemite because it’s Australian… The rest of the world doesn’t love Vegemite – because they’re not Australian. Sam Chan ponders.

What if Jesus Never Knew You?

Why does Jesus reject these people who did good things, but accept the thief on the cross who, may never have done anything good in his entire life?

Vulnerability Creates Opportunities to Share Faith: Laura’s Story

Laura’s story shows that a simple a word of encouragement, or just asking “Are you OK?”—can really change someone’s life.

Morning Blessing

Erin shares a quote and Bible verse to bless your day!

Leading the Way

Dr Michael Youssef passionately proclaims uncompromising truth on Leading The Way.

Luke and Susie Show

Tune in to Luke and Susie's national show on Faith, Family and Culture.

How Do We Know We Are Human?

Are we merely “human” – just a species? Or are we more? Can we also be “dancer” – people who dance, imagine, create? Sam Chan ponders the famous song lyrics.

Did You Tick ‘No Religion’ in the Census?

The decline in Australia of those who call themselves Christian has been remarkable over the past decade. The past five decades has seen a dramatic drop.

Space Exploration Reflects a Spiritual Need, Says US Author and Pastor Levi Lusko

Levi Lusko has written about many subjects over the years but in his new book, he looks at humanity’s obsession with the celestial.

God Works Through Small Acts: Harrison’s Story

Being intentional about those little daily interactions you have with people you cross paths with each day, can open a door to sharing faith.

You Never Know How God is Working in People’s Lives — Princess’ Story

During the pandemic, Princess encouraged friends with daily bible verses. She learnt just how powerful God’s word is at transforming lives.

Pretending to be God

When you know that you aren’t God, then you are ready to really know who God is and the closer your relationship with Him will be.

How to Pray for Your Friends Who Don’t Know Jesus Yet

Talking to your friends about Jesus doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Why not pray together?

Why ‘Looking Within’ For Identity Isn’t Enough: We Also Need To ‘Look Up’

Modern psychology affirms the importance of ‘looking up’, or having a spirituality of one form or another, to find our identity, writes Akos Balogh.

The Chains of the Past

It may take time and external help and support but the chains that bind you to your past can be broken by the power of Jesus.