In a Time of Anxiety, How to be Non-Anxious

Jesus can make a difference to the way we face and work with anxiety, writes faith and culture blogger Brian Harris.

How to Be Thankful: 7 Steps From Entitlement to Gratitude

In practical terms, what does it mean to move from a sense of entitlement (I am owed) to gratitude? Brian Harris shares seven insights.

Why Does My Wife Restack the Dishwasher?

When I stack the dishwasher, my wife re-stacks it. I can never get it right! So I simply give up. I think some of us are like that with God.

Why This Happens at School Reunions

Ever had the experience of attending a school reunion where someone didn’t remember you at all? Sam Chan reflects.

When Faith is a Quest

For some, faith is easy. For others, it is a perpetual “quest” that involves hard questions, searching, and dismissal of easy answers.

The Pleasure (and Value) of Changing One’s Mind

It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, and admitting we are wrong and changing our mind can lead to our personal growth, writes Aaron Johnstone.

You’re Not One of Those Evangelicals Are You?

I’d just settled into the plane for the five hour flight back home across this great brown land called Australia, and I was tired. 

The Big Fat Ugly Lie Most Christians Believe

Many Christian denominations have upheld standards of “perfection” that create a fundamental misunderstanding of the gospel message.

Here’s Why Jesus Doesn’t Need More Influencers

When “living your own truth” rules the day, it can be difficult to share faith. How can we make Jesus seem attractive without being pushy?

Reductionism or Awe: Thinking about God

When it comes to God there are some things we know and many things we don’t. This is why we need humility, writes Brian Harris.

How to Know You’re Preaching the Gospel the Right Way

Preaching the Gospel is dangerous if you’re not preaching the Gospel the right way. Here’s a way to tell if you’re on the right track.

Guarding God’s Reputation

Have you ever heard a preacher speaker express a view about God that made you think, “Well, that makes God sound petty and small”?

I Am Not Who I Was Before — Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly grew up in a dangerous neighbourhood where drugs were sold and used daily. Living in such a volatile and toxic environment changed her.

The God Who Comes to You

The God who comes to you is not the God whom many people know. They mainly know the God to whom they have to come, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

When Your Armour is Too Big

When David volunteered to take on Goliath the giant, he found that the armour was too big for him. So instead of physical armour, he took something better.

What is the Ultimate ‘Big Question’ People are Asking?

After 200 episodes of the ‘Bigger Quetsions’ podcast, Robert Martin is surprised to discover that the ‘big questions’ of life just keep rolling in.

A Creative Entrepreneur, Influencing Culture — Moyin’s Story

The pioneer of her own media career in a time where it wasn’t the norm to do so, Moyin knows a thing or two about living with a mission and never giving up.

Okay, So it’s a Secular Age – But Jesus is Still Working

We don’t need to tailor the gospel message to make it more acceptable to the modern progressive mind, writes Stephen McAlpine.