Kim’s Convenience, and Asian Dad Stereotypes

Like most sitcom family dads, Appa from ‘Kim’s Convenience’ is a bumbling goofball. But there’s a hole in his heart, writes Sam Chan.

People are Deconstructing their Faith. Here’s How to Respond

If you or someone you know is going through a process of deconstruction in their faith, here are some things to remember.

Why Should You Share About Jesus?

Jesus said to his 12 friends, “Go tell everyone! Don’t keep this to yourself.” This call wasn’t meant just for them. It was for you too!

Bear the Failings of the Weak

Paul is referring to those who are weak because they insist on certain religious principles – ones that are voided by our liberty in Christ.

When Church is Beautiful

I don’t know if you have ever left a church service thinking, “Wow – that was really beautiful.” Here are two Sundays where I did…

Birkenstocks are Hot Right Now… Wait, But How?

Birkenstocks are all the rage. Wait, but how? When I wore Birkenstocks 20 years ago, they were super daggy…

Real Power

We all like to feel powerful. No-one likes to be weak, right? But what if power doesn’t look like we think it does? What if we’ve got it all wrong?

Your “Ordinary” Makes Life Meaningful, Says ‘Jesus And’ Author Robert Fergusson

Hillsong Church pastor Robert Fergusson has long been curious about the relationship between Jesus and his “everyday” followers.

What is the Taylor Swift Effect? Just Ask Travis Kelce and Seemingly Ranch

At a Chiefs game, Taylor was seen eating chicken with two sauces – ketchup and what one fan called “seemingly ranch”. It went viral.

Perseverance – One of the Great Predictors of Success

In one of Jesus’ famous parables, it was “by persevering” that good qualities such as a noble heart, became fruitful.

What Does the Bible Say about Today’s Culture? A Lot, Says Academic

Everyone is shaped by their own culture, even if they’d like to think they stand apart from it says Christopher Watkin.

Why Young People Are Moving Away from Faith

Why are our children walking away from church and faith and how can we prevent it? Author Melanie Saward has some suggestions.

How an Act of Grace Could End Up Saving You

Grace: it’s a radical approach that Jesus spoke into a famous phrase: ‘Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you’.

When Cracks Appear, Check Your Foundations

Our engineer’s advice added a week to our build and significant cost to our budget, but it’s a helpful metaphor for our personal lives, too.

How Did Nepo Babies Become A Thing?

A “nepo baby” is a child of a famous parent who succeeds in that parent’s industry. Usually in arts and entertainment…

How Jesus Launched a Sexual Revolution That Protects Children

The West now accepts that paedophilia is morally repugnant. But it wasn’t always this way, writes Akos Balogh.

“Go at the Speed of Joy,” He Said. But Could I?

Six words dropped into my mind as if from heaven: “Go at the speed of joy”. I’ve been trying to put them into practice ever since.

The Action-Packed Movie Fast-X is Boring? Really?

Vin Diesel and his buddies look great, flex their muscles, and drive fast cars. But critics of Fast-X complain that there’s no story…