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We Are Messengers can only write songs, full of declarations about sin, forgiveness, and mental health—because they’ve each wrestled with these things.

Jeremy Camp’s story is a tragic one of love, loss, grief and faith, and is now being told on the big screen in I Still Believe.

Right now I’m in a Drama Series on SBS called, ‘The Hunting’. It caught my attention because Asher Keddie is in it and Asher Keddie knows how to pick ‘em.

Her story was turned into the 2011 film Soul Surfer, and now she’s telling it in her own way with her new documentary Unstoppable.

Doug MacFarlane, Kathy Johnston, and Rosanna and David Palmer from Rosanna’s Raiders are just some of the artists that have never left their callings.

It’s rare to see the Star Wars / Han Solo icon so ‘undone’ on screen, and you get the impression it’s exactly why he said yes to the role.

Lauren describes a vision she had which inspired the chorus, and shares the depth of emotion she felt in the recording studio.

If you ever found Emma a likeable character in previous versions of this Jane Austen tale, it’s unlikely you will in this one.

H is for Happiness is a whimsical portrayal of one girl’s pursuit of restoring happiness to her broken family. An inspiring film you wont want to miss.

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