When I say I love the Netflix series The Good Place, I really do love it. It’s original, well-acted, and it constantly references philosophy. 

“In Christ Alone is a wonderful modern hymn. Written in 2000, this hymn has lyrics that continue to resonate with Christians.” – Aled Jones

With lyrics like, “My body is a graveyard that buries all my emotions”, you know Dami Im isn’t messing around with her new single Crying Underwater.

As Ride Like a Girl hits cinemas, it’s a powerful reminder of the grit and resilience within so many of us, and just how far our determination can take us.

It’s time to plop a plumb in your mouth and book a visit to the country, Downton Abbey the movie, is finally here and they expect a visit from royalty.

The ability of his comedy to transform society is something Crist is keenly aware of. Even though a lot of his jokes are just for fun.

An addictive video game may have spawned the Angry Birds franchise, but don’t let that turn you off the movie. Angry Birds 2 is worthwhile for all ages.

A young indigenous Aussie singing in his native language, is winning the nation’s heart with a golden run on Australia’s Got Talent.

We may be stuck in a cycle of regurgitated entertainment, but in so many ways Little Women’s modern adaptation is worth it.

A Dog’s Journey follows on from the 2017 release A Dog’s Purpose. We’re reintroduced to Bailey, a beautiful pup who’s learning to discover his purpose.

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