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A show for men.

Three Thousand Years of Longing [Movie Review]

This unique George Miller flick contains incredible images of beauty and freakish depictions of whimsy that will divide audiences, writes Russ Matthews.

Christianity Works

Christianityworks is a non-denominational media ministry.

Talking Books

Talking books with Margaret Wormald.
Howard Hendrich Portrait

Anzac Day Memories

Listen to Howard Hendrick sharing his experiences from WWII.

Messages of Hope

We’re people who have encountered Jesus in a way that has brought hope into our lives.

Afternoons with Erin

Catch Erin Harrald at midday on Tuesdays for the afternoon show!

The Bakers Hour

Something for the early-birds!

Focus on the Family

Australian produced weekly programme helping families thrive.

Destiny’s Child Star, Michelle Williams: Defeating Darkness with God’s Word

Alongside Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, the stunning and talented Michelle Williams was one-third of Destiny’s Child – one of the most successful pop groups in history. But while the trio of divas was taking the world by storm, what…