Celebration and Events

7 Ways to Celebrate the Year Past

As the year draws to a close, it can be worthwhile spending some time to celebrate the year past and all your gains and achievements.

Boxing Day Blah

After the festive fun of Christmas, Boxing Day can feel a bit blah. It makes me wonder what the first Boxing Day was like.

The Perfect Christmas Gift | A Devotion

Pause a moment in the festivities of Christmas Day, and remember that we have already received the perfect gift.

Unwrapping Social Comparison: A Guide for the Festive Season

The holiday season is upon us, and you might find yourself instinctively engaging in social comparison to guide you…

Books to Bring in the Christmas Season

There’s nothing like relaxing in a cozy corner with a good book at Christmas time! Here are some excellent recommendations.

The Season to be Grateful

Gratitude is associated with positive emotional experiences – so putting it to work is a good way to enjoy Christmas a little more.

Walking With Jesus at Christmas Time

Walk a little closer with Jesus at Christmas, and you just might begin to change the world, writes Brian Harris.

Following Your Values Can Increase Your Enjoyment of Christmas

Paying attention to which activities align with our values is a great way for us to increase meaning and enjoyment at Christmas time.

The Holiday Survival Guide

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. A time of both joy and stress. Here are some tips for good mental wellbeing in the Christmas holidays.

Managing Sensory Challenges Through the Festive Season

For both children and adults who experience sensory sensitivities, Christmas can be an uncomfortable or overwhelming time.

21 Life-Changing Gifts That Bring Hope This Christmas

Egg-laying chicks, equipping a classroom, or a month of food for a family, are available in the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas gift catalogue.

Aussies, Let’s Talk About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day when Americans pause to reflect on the blessings they’ve received. So what’s in it for Australians?

To Halloween or Not To Halloween?

When all my 6 year old hears at school is ‘what are you dressing up as?’ and ‘what lollies did you get?’, the challenge of Halloween lingers.

Celebrating 30 Years of Operation Christmas Child – Spreading Hope Worldwide

Operation Christmas Child works to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way through a gift-filled shoebox and the message of the Gospel.

The ’10 Days of Awe’ Challenge – Are You In?

The Ten Days of Awe challenge, in line with the most holy season in the Jewish calendar, encourages us to pursue moments of awe and wonder.

The Miracle of Sight – Just in Time for His Baby’s Birth

Armon, a young father, was going to miss seeing both his children grow up – after losing his sight to cataracts.

Two Men and a Miracle

A proud man, Arnido wiped away tears as he told me about the moment he had to tell his sons he could no longer work, due to blindness.

National Volunteer Week: “A Way to Give Back”

This year the week celebrates the “change” made by the more than five million Australians who regularly put up their hand to help.