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Gen Z’s Top Hope in Life: Home Ownership

The ‘Australian dream’ is still sought after, even with the current housing climate preventing many from entering the market.

The Future of Commerce is Cause-Driven

There’s not only intrinsic value in being a trustworthy, integrous and ‘good’ organization, there are compelling commercial reasons too.

Turns Out Millennials Are the Most Loyal Generation

The dedication of Millennials lies in their ability to adapt and remain devoted, even amidst changing professional landscapes.

Young Aussies are Looking for Consistent Praise and Feedback at Work

Validation and acknowledgment is significant for younger generations in the workplace with more than half of Gen Z seeking frequent praise.

Raising Generation Alpha: Insights From Gen Alpha Parents

In an era defined by digital connectivity, a new generation is emerging, and with it, a set of distinctive challenges for parents.

The Rise of Conscious Consumers

The future consumer is reshaping the landscape of the retail world, calling for accountability in their operations.

Australians’ Lens on Acceptance

The changing landscape of what acceptance means to different generations has profound implications, writes Mark McCrindle.

The Generations Defined

Unless we can understand, engage, communicate, connect and serve the different generations, we will edge towards irrelevancy and extinction.

The Changing Age of Self-Learning

In today’s digital age, self-learning has taken on new dimensions, with generations turning to diverse platforms to acquire knowledge.

Australians Impacted by High Living Costs and Cashless Habits

Almost two in five Australians (37%) would find themselves without funds within a week if their income were to cease.

Australia’s Coffee Trends: What The Stats Show

Coffee has become an integral part of daily life for many Australians. The stats show that it plays a central role in Australia’s culture.

Job Mobility is On the Minds of Young Workers

With an expected 18 jobs across 6 industries in their lifetime, Gen Z are the most agile generation the workforce has ever seen.

Are Generation Alpha ‘Up-Ageing’ or ‘Delay-Ageing’?

Generation Alpha have digital independence at a younger age – but they will also delay the traditional life markers of becoming an adult…

Top Baby Names of 2023

Oliver and Charlotte are the most popular baby names in 2023, with Oli’s reign having lasted for over a decade now.

Gen Z’s Financial Savvy: Multiple Incomes for a Secure Future

Surpassing their older counterparts in their drive for financial stability, Gen Z is redefining wealth in Australia.

How Teachers Feel About A.I. as a Tool to Enhance Learning

Just like the calculator changed the way that students engaged with maths, AI can change the way that students engage in their learning.

Generation Alpha Are Becoming Teenagers: A Look Into the Future

As Generation Alpha, born between 2010 and 2024, enter their teenage years, they will become a major force that shapes the future.

The Great Teacher Exodus: Tackling Burnout in the Education Sector

Levels of teacher burnout are high and there are significant challenges in attracting and retaining the next generation of teachers.