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The Year That Was: What Trended in 2023

From social trends to consumer shifts and new technologies, we take a look at trends that shaped 2023 and how Australians responded.

How Aussies Are Feeling About Christmas This Year

Although setbacks were faced by many Australians this year, there is a prevailing sense of optimism as we approach the Christmas season.

Australia’s Ageing Population and the Future

The aged care sector in Australia faces both a challenge and an opportunity. By 2050, it may need a workforce twice its current size.

As the Sydney Opera House Turns 50, Sam Chan Reflects

Sure we might’ve built the Opera House … But while we take the credit, we didn’t design it, writes Sam Chan.

Australia’s Migration Patterns: Home Near and Far

Among the various cultures contributing to Australia’s multicultural fabric, the United Kingdom takes the lead…

It’s Official – The Bureau Declares El Niño and Positive Indian Ocean Dipole Events

Warmer and drier conditions will be more likely over spring and summer, under the influence of these two climate drivers.

What are Your Travel Alternatives to Qantas?

As the national carrier dramatically falters, let’s explore the other airline options for moving about the continent.

Australians Impacted by High Living Costs and Cashless Habits

Almost two in five Australians (37%) would find themselves without funds within a week if their income were to cease.

Australia’s Coffee Trends: What The Stats Show

Coffee has become an integral part of daily life for many Australians. The stats show that it plays a central role in Australia’s culture.

Australia’s Favourite Heelers Top US Streaming Charts

The famous kids series set in Brisbane has amassed a total of 737 million viewing hours in the US, becoming the number one show in the US.

A Christian Perspective on the Voice Debate: 4 Key Takeaways

With issues like The Voice to Parliament, we need to be wary of baptising our position as the definitive Christian one, writes Akos Balogh.

“Time of Comfort”: Your Guide to Anzac Day

As the country unites to remember all of those who served, here’s a guide to the nation’s services and commemorations.

Australia’s Income and Wealth Distribution: A Snapshot

Using latest ABS data, McCrindle breaks down Australia’s income and wealth distribution and looks at how it compares across the generations.

Former Prime Minister John Howard on the Queen, Australia and Sport

“Our sense of balance has defined us as a nation and will safeguard our future.” Australia’s 25th prime minister chats about his new book.

‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and Other Kids’ Classics, Now in First Nations Languages

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s Book Supply program has seen more than 120,000 books gifted to remote indigenous communities in 2022 alone.

Explainer: Why Has the “Anglican Church Split”?

The issue of same-sex marriage has caused a deep, dividing rift within the Anglican Church in Australia. Mike Crooks explains.

Australia’s Christian History Takes Centre Stage in New Book

Dr Paul Roe’s book ‘Tell Me Another: A Storyteller’s Search for Australia’s Lost Faith’ looks at the importance of sharing everyone’s stories.

Did You Tick ‘No Religion’ in the Census?

The decline in Australia of those who call themselves Christian has been remarkable over the past decade. The past five decades has seen a dramatic drop.