Christian Teaching

God Won’t Change His Mind About You

God, through his son Jesus Christ, has given his life for yours. How could he ever change his mind on his love for you?

Stuck in a Tunnel

Your dark tunnel may be a period of depression, a time of mourning, or a season where nothing seems to go right…

How ‘Framing’ Helps us See Beauty in the Ordinary

Frederick Buechner invites us to put frames around little moments of our life, and then stop, look, and listen to what they are saying to us.

Him Who is Able to Establish You

God has the power to establish us in the Gospel. This means to fix our minds on, and make us stable in the Gospel.

Change Comes Through Little Victories

Progress in life is most often found through little victories, and it is their cumulative impact that makes the difference.

Artificial Intelligence and the Christian Faith

Considering the pros and cons of AI from a Christian perspective allows us to navigate its impact with wisdom and discernment.

Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning – A John Anderson Book Review

Author Nigel Biggar meticulously examines through the historical legacy of colonialism and uncovers both the horrors and the triumphs.

The Power of Just Listening

Listening is how the healing of broken souls commences. There can be more power in our silence than in our words.

New Year, Old You: Do Liturgical Calendars Help?

We all need rhythm. We all need a reset from time to time. But is the liturgical calendar essential for Christians?

Busting Unhealthy Boundaries and Barriers

The story of Peter and Cornelius challenges us to re-evaluate our prejudices and barriers, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

Burnout or Bore Out: Reflections for the New Year

If the passing year leaves you with a sense of disquiet or unhappiness, ask what is needed to make sure this one will be different.

The Mind of Christ – Devotion

This transformation of our mind is a significant theme through the letters of the apostle Paul. He calls us to have the “mind of Christ.”

What Questions Did Jesus Ask?

If you want to be like Jesus, ask questions. The kind of questions Jesus asks in the gospels are fascinating and penetrating.

Giving is Not Just for Christmas

The main gift God offers to all at Christmas, is the Gospel, the good news of heaven’s willing bankruptcy of itself that we might live.

The Nine God Conversations of Christmas

Have you noticed how much of the Christmas story hinges on God’s conversations with the key characters and how they responded?

Christmas Devotion – God is With Us

Until that first Christmas people had a sneaking suspicion that God was ‘for’ us, but after Christmas they knew – God is actually ‘with’ us.

Evangelism Kick-Start: 5 Spiritual Practices

If you want to share your faith in Jesus, the first step is to understand that it needs to come from a place of relationship with Him.

Sabbath – Are You Restoring or ‘Restorying’?

Sunday Sabbath reminds us to start with God – and when you start with God, you write a very different story to the one you write without God.