Real-Life ‘Hunger Games’: How Sean Turnell Survived 650 Days in a Myanmar Prison

When the military overthrew Suu Kyi’s government in 2021, Sean was arrested and illegally imprisoned for 650 days.

1000 Cubes for 1000 Chickens

Solving 1000 Rubik cubes for 1000 chickens in 7 hours appears impossible, but Tingman is up for the challenge.

Taylor Swift is Not Alone: The Growing Nightmare of AI Deepfake Porn

In January, Taylor made headlines when social media site X lit up with AI-generated sexually explicit ‘deepfakes’ of Swift.

Destiny Rescue Reaches 14,000 Milestone

Destiny Rescue have changed 14,000 lives since 2001 and with improving technology, they’re seeing more and more rescues.

Business Leaders Can Lead the Way in Positive Social Change

A Helping Hands panel discussion looks at the responsibility business can have in leading the way in action for social issues.

Sustaining Hope in the Midst of Conflict: Pray for Ukraine

We would value prayer for individuals as they struggle with a life that many of us can never imagine, says Stephen Young.

Kylie & Dannii Minogue Headline New Bluey Book Reads Series

Bluey Book Reads will features stories read by Kylie and Dannii Minogue, as well as Bindi Irwin and a host of other well-known names.

Changing Lives, One Coffee at a Time: Frapp & Capp Café

Frapp & Capp Café in Bankstown is changing the lives of people with a disability, by championing the cause for inclusivity.

Aussie Population Reaches 27 Million, 30 Years Early

With one new Australian being added to the population count every 50 seconds, we could reach 28 million in August 2025.

Ukraine is Still Standing, and it Needs Your Help

Dr Rudolf Myhovych, Head of Christian Medical Fellowship of Ukraine, believes it’s a miracle Ukrainians are still standing strong.

King Charles Has Cancer: “He Remains Positive”

Prince William will take on more duties, and Prince Harry has travelled to London, after the devastating diagnosis.

The Coming Church Wipeout: Navigating the Impact of Higher Interest Rates

As we enter an era characterized by rising interest rates, there is an unexpected casualty emerging: churches.

Christian Persecution on the Rise Globally, but Hope Exists

365 million Christians are suffering for their faith. Open Doors’ vision is that no Christian suffers persecution alone.

How Do Interest Rates Work (and When Will the Pain End?)

Hope Podcast ‘Money: Faith and Finance’ answers the question everyone is asking: how long will these high interest rates last?

Navigating the Path to Home Ownership in Today’s Market

Saving for a house may feel overwhelming, but with the right strategies and mindset, it’s achievable says financial planner, Alex Cook.

The Pyschological Reason You Don’t Do What You Say

Nobody wants to feel like a hypocrite, or to appear as one. This desire for congruence offers us a key way of motivating ourselves and others

Defying Limitations is a Choice for Paralympian Matt Levy

Matt Levy OAM says it’s important we understand the full scope of someone’s ability beyond their perceived limitations.

The Year That Was: What Trended in 2023

From social trends to consumer shifts and new technologies, we take a look at trends that shaped 2023 and how Australians responded.