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Education Has Changed. Here’s How Teachers Can Move With the Tides

Teaching is full of new challenges – but also great opportunities. It just requires creativity and a willingness to move with the tides.

Digital Shoes and Customised Shopping: Tomorrow’s Retail Has Arrived

With the most recent tech now emerging in the world of retail, future shopping will look radically different to what we are used to.

Want a Competitive Advantage? Out-Care the Competition!

In the business world, few things set an individual or organisation apart more than sincere, unhurried and attentive care.

The Robots are Writing… It’s Time to Dial Up the Humanness

In the age of robots, it’s become necessary to embrace our humanness more ever before, writes Michael McQueen.

You Trust Your Intuition More Than You Think. Here’s Why…

Our gut instincts play a larger role in the formation of our beliefs, opinions and decisions that we realise, writes Michael McQueen.

Heard of Mr Beast? Here’s Why Gen Z Love Him

The world’s most famous Youtuber Mr Beast made the news in late January for his big spending. Here’s why Gen Z love him so much.

Virtual Smell is Coming… And Other Tech Gamechangers in 2023

The tech world is off to a great start this year with the famously ground-breaking tech convention, CES, presenting some amazing innovations.

Been Hearing About ChatGPT? Here’s What You Need to Know

Launched in November 2022 by OpenAI, ChatGPT has been stirring up the tech world with its unparalleled capacity to seem truly human.

Why Every Leader Should Be Aware of the Herd Instinct

The effective leader knows the secret of the herd instinct, and more importantly knows how to harness it, writes Michael McQueen.

Exhausted? Here’s How to Really Recharge This Holiday Season

While 2022 has seen us regain the ‘normal’ we missed, it’s also left many of us feeling totally depleted. Here are some tips to recharge.

3 Keys to a Peaceful Family Gathering These Holidays

Family gatherings at Christmas can lead to stressful conversations – so here are 3 things to keep in mind to avoid the conflict.

Forget the Stick and the Carrot: Here’s What Motivates Humans

Leaders often rely on the ‘carrot’ of rewards and incentives as a motivator. But research shows this can be counterproductive.

Leaders, Here’s How to Beat the Conformity Compulsion

We all have a conformity compulsion. If we sense that the herd is going in a particular direction, we instinctively fear being left out.

Forget What Your Customer Thinks… How do They *Feel*?

It’s good practice for organisations to worry less about what their customers think, and pay much closer attention to how they feel.

Hybrid Work is Here: So What’s the Outcome?

The return to workplaces has been a struggle for many leaders as employees are now making remote work a high priority.

How to Get the Stubborn to Budge

When someone is stubborn, our instinct is to bombard them with evidence. The better approach to persuasion is to start small.

Why Some Ideas are Insane Before They Are Innovative

Most new ideas follow a predictable journey from being unthinkable, to radical, to acceptable and sensible, and then finally to popular or normal.

Saving Face is a Necessary Art – Even When the Face Isn’t Yours

We all have the impulse to save face, and many of us get defensive, aggressive or withdrawn when that impulse is challenged, writes Michael McQueen.