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How Social Media Is Capitalising on Its Youngest Users

Social media e-commerce is on the rise and the trends are clear: the younger the user, the more likely they are to spend through social media.

How COVID Brought the Human Back to Work

The future of human work will be characterised by collaboration, innovation and human skills that set us apart from robots.

How the Emerging Economy Will Get You a Better Gig

As more and more people engage in freelance work, the gig economy is proving itself to be a significant force in lifestyle, labour and economy.

Have We Moved on From Movie-Going?

Streaming platforms grant consumers easy, cheap and convenient access into film viewing, especially when compared to the cinematic experience.

Why Trust Is 2021’s Most Valuable Currency

We are in the age of scepticism, transparency and empowerment, and the need to trust our leaders and businesses is at an all time high.

3 Ways Technology Is Making Life More Affordable

Recent developments show that technology is enhancing accessibility, increasing affordability and empowering equality for the everyday consumer.

Why Experience Really Is the Best Teacher for Today’s Students

To convince a learner’s brain to persist with an objective, teachers need to be more mindful of helping students establish meaning.

3 Kinds of Cities You Could Be Living in Tomorrow

The cities we are familiar with are set to change and the plans for these changes are already being implemented. Here’s what we will see in the future.

How Will Your New Workplace Work for You?

Our unique opportunity to reimagine our working lives during these times is sparking and accelerating technological innovations.

3 Critical Keys to Combatting the ‘Infodemic’

The World Health Organisation, in responding to the misinformation surrounding COVID, has aptly labelled our current state an ‘infodemic’.

How to Maintain Momentum by Pruning Your Practices

The question of what needs pruning in our lives and work is a valuable one to consider as we reach the end of the year and move into the beginning of 2021.

How the Past Paves New Paths to the Future

The past often offers time-tested ideas, lessons and approaches which can be rethought and reinvented for the present moment.

Would Your Business Values Pass the Test?

Especially in uncertain times, a business that acts with transparency is doing their people, their profits and their customers a big favour.

5 Practices That Could Paralyse Your Pivot

There are 5 mindsets that commonly hold businesses and leaders back from healthy adaptation and paralyses any ability to pivot and move with the times.

How Sustainable is a Focus on Sustainability?

While many businesses have implemented changes towards sustainability, many others have been held back by the need to maintain profits and ROI.

Why Ground-Level Workers Are The Top-level Innovators

Original thinkers on the ground level consistently prove to be the hope for big businesses and their antidote for irrelevance.

Why Critical Thinking is More Critical Than Ever

In a world of fake news, alternative facts and conspiracy theories that are learned and shared, the ability to discern fact from fiction is fundamental.

How Driverless Cars Will Steer Us Off the Beaten Track

Any of us that have spent time sitting in traffic have much to look forward to with autonomous cars in the next few years.