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As more and more people engage in freelance work, the gig economy is proving itself to be a significant force in lifestyle, labour and economy.

Streaming platforms grant consumers easy, cheap and convenient access into film viewing, especially when compared to the cinematic experience.

We are in the age of scepticism, transparency and empowerment, and the need to trust our leaders and businesses is at an all time high.

Recent developments show that technology is enhancing accessibility, increasing affordability and empowering equality for the everyday consumer.

To convince a learner’s brain to persist with an objective, teachers need to be more mindful of helping students establish meaning.

The cities we are familiar with are set to change and the plans for these changes are already being implemented. Here’s what we will see in the future.

Our unique opportunity to reimagine our working lives during these times is sparking and accelerating technological innovations.

The World Health Organisation, in responding to the misinformation surrounding COVID, has aptly labelled our current state an ‘infodemic’.

The question of what needs pruning in our lives and work is a valuable one to consider as we reach the end of the year and move into the beginning of 2021.

The past often offers time-tested ideas, lessons and approaches which can be rethought and reinvented for the present moment.

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