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Personal Branding: In Need of a Makeover?

“I think I need a personal brand makeover.” I never imagined saying these words – yet here I was, needing to make myself more visible.

Can Minds Be Changed in an Era of Stubbornness?

We have this natural comfort when we’re with those who agree with us, yet that’s what causes us to stop seeing things differently.

8 Ways to Promote Your Business For Free, Online

A lot of us were trained to be quiet and unobtrusive. But success doesn’t come to the quiet ones in the back, says Rachel Reva.

The Key to the Customer Experience? Kill Confusion

There is no faster way to kill the customer experience than with overcomplication and confusion, writes Michael McQueen.

Struggling to Sell Ideas? Try Being Uglier, Dumber and More Doubtful

Advertising campaigns attempting that use self-deprecating humour are successful in today’s cultural climate.

The Robots are Writing… It’s Time to Dial Up the Humanness

In the age of robots, it’s become necessary to embrace our humanness more ever before, writes Michael McQueen.

How to Get the Stubborn to Budge

When someone is stubborn, our instinct is to bombard them with evidence. The better approach to persuasion is to start small.

Why Repetition is a Powerful Tool for Marketers, Teachers and Leaders

We should beware dodgy marketing ploys that gain traction via simple repetition, writes Michael McQueen. But repetition is a powerful tool for good, too.

Stories Sell… Here is Why

Storytelling is one of the hottest buzzwords of the last few years. As a tool of persuasion, its significance is hard to overstate.

Why Virtual Reality Might be Our Best Shot at Restoring Human Empathy

First-hand experience is a difficult thing for marketers to offer people. However, virtual reality gives us a greater ability to offer it than ever before.

5 Ways to Change a Mind… According to Reddit

What does it take to change a mind? This question has garnered much attention in recent years, as politics becomes more polarised and opinions more opposed.

In a Diverse Cultural Landscape, Our Communication May Need to Slow Down

More cultural diversity means the pace of our communication may need to slow down, to ensure we communicate and engage with communities well.

How’s Your Judgement? Here’s 3 Patterns You Might Recognise

There are a range of cognitive patterns which we all believe we are immune to, but experience all the same. Here are 3 you might recognise:

The Power of Choice: Why Autonomy Is the Most Effective Motivator

If people feel that their freedom is being infringed on, there is little doubt they will dig their heels in even harder.

How the Charities and NFP Sector Is Changing; From Mass Marketing to Personalisation

The days of ‘set and forget’ generosity is on the decline with donors of all ages expecting a more personalised experience from charities and NFPs.

How To Engage The Millennial Market

The most important principle I can offer you here when marketing to Millennials is this: market through Millennials not to them.