8 Ways to Promote Your Business For Free, Online

By: Rachel Reva

15 years ago, the yellow pages and TV ads were the only way you could get people to discover your business. .

But – thank goodness – the smartphone, the internet and google has changed the way we do everything – business included.

It’s not just enough to be the best in the industry.

You have to be SEEN as the best in the industry… meaning: market yourself.

If I had advice for every business it would be this: learn to become your own publicist.

It’s confronting.. I get it.

Especially for women, a lot of us were trained to be quiet, to sit in the background, to help others but not be ‘too showy’.. But let me tell you this truth…

Success doesn’t come to the quiet ones in the back.

It’s for the women who are willing to do things differently. And show up imperfectly. And figure it out along the way.

So, here are 8 ways you can promote your business today – without any ad spend:

1. Email your list.

Consistently. Even if you only have 20 people on your list. What people forget is your email list is like sacred property that no one can take away from you. Email still outperforms social media when it comes to sales conversion, so while it may seem boring, it’s really an easy way to promote your latest offering or nurture the audience that’s already there.

2. Go live in a Facebook group.

Live connection, there is nothing like it (except in person events of course!). Got a group and haven’t posted in a while? Lives are a powerful way to share your message and connect with and online audience. Borrow others’ Facebook Group if you don’t have one!

3. Record a 1 minute video for Instagram.

Think reels. Even if you only have 50 followers, imagine this video being a 1 minute ad to 50 of your ideal clients. It’s a brilliant way to re-introduce yourself or promote what you are currently doing in the industry.

4. Reach out to 2 potential clients.

That’s right: reach out to people. People who have been following you, people who you connected wit a year ago, check in and see what they are doing. If you have a new program or service, mention it to them! Remember, people follow you for a reason. People can’t take up the offer you don’t make.

5. Pitch yourself.

Pitch your business to the media that aligns to your business. You can pitch: guest posts, news articles, podcasts, the local newspaper or radio. Write a piece on linkedin, pitch yourself for speaking events. Find the journalists online who write about your industry and pitch yourself as an expert (because you are). Don’t know where to start? Download our free media list which gives you access to 100 media outlets looking for experts just like you.

6. Write a blog.

Blog writing wasn’t just something for people in the 90’s. It’s an incredible way to grow your online presence and offer tips, strategies and opinions on trends in your industry. Blogs also help you build on your own online real estate.

7. Host a training or workshop.

Hosting a 3-day-virtual workshop or online masterclass is a brilliant way to promote your business and build an audience. It takes a cold lead to a raving fan. It’s also a great way to establish your credibility in your industry. It takes work: you need to market it, plan it, promote it and remind people to attend (or sign up for the recording) but the pay off can be huge in signing up clients and attracting a new audience to your business.

8. Joint Live Interview

It sounds simple, but why not just conduct a live interview with another industry colleague on your favourite social media platform (like facebook and instagram)? National TV hosts are using these platforms to promtoe their interviews, because the audience is live and tangible. It’s also a great way to build up content for your online presence.

These strategies are pretty simple, but most people reading this will just scroll through and not take action.. (but not you, right?).

If you are serious about growing your business, you need to start getting intentional with promoting yourself and getting visible.

Whatever next level you are looking for in your business, visibility is the key – you don’t have spend 1 dollar on the above strategies to promote yourself. It just takes intention and consistency and finally a willingness to get visible in a new way this year.

Article supplied with thanks to Rachel Reva at Life On Her Terms.

Feature image: Photo by Daria Pimkina on Unsplash 

About the author: Rachel Reva is a PR consultant and author with a career that has spanned TV, writing, radio and politics. Born in Georgia, USA, Rachel now lives in Australia with her young family, and is heard every week on radio.