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Learn to Hear the Voice of God

Listening to the Holy Spirit can seem like a weird concept. How exactly does it work? How do I know if it is Him or just my own mind talking?

You’re Not One of Those Evangelicals Are You?

I’d just settled into the plane for the five hour flight back home across this great brown land called Australia, and I was tired. 

The Big Fat Ugly Lie Most Christians Believe

Many Christian denominations have upheld standards of “perfection” that create a fundamental misunderstanding of the gospel message.

Here’s Why Jesus Doesn’t Need More Influencers

When “living your own truth” rules the day, it can be difficult to share faith. How can we make Jesus seem attractive without being pushy?

How to Know You’re Preaching the Gospel the Right Way

Preaching the Gospel is dangerous if you’re not preaching the Gospel the right way. Here’s a way to tell if you’re on the right track.

Life On Mission is About Three Simple Things

Your friends don’t need another world-changing evangelist, they need you—and talking to them about Jesus is easier than you might think.

Will You Take the Challenge to Have 5 Spiritual Conversations This Month?

When it comes to faith conversations, are you “hesitant”, “busy” or “enthusiastic”? City Bible Forum say all types can share the good news.

Vulnerability Creates Opportunities to Share Faith: Laura’s Story

Laura’s story shows that a simple a word of encouragement, or just asking “Are you OK?”—can really change someone’s life.

The Power of Need to Spark Interest When you Talk About Jesus

People are most teachable at their point of need – so the best way to spark interest in the gospel is about connecting Jesus directly with their needs.

God Works Through Small Acts: Harrison’s Story

Being intentional about those little daily interactions you have with people you cross paths with each day, can open a door to sharing faith.

How to Pray for Your Friends Who Don’t Know Jesus Yet

Talking to your friends about Jesus doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Why not pray together?

“Embracing My Past Helps me Share About Jesus”—Jesse

Jesse is a life coach—passionate about skateboarding and Jesus. He talksabout his story and how he uses his past to change people’s future…

City Bible Forum Celebrates 30 Years of Helping People Do Ministry in Their Workplaces

In 1991, Craig Josling started a group that now sees 800 Christian workers meeting in small groups throughout Sydney.

Bringing a Friend to Jesus

What barriers are standing in the way of your friends meeting Jesus and how can you help demolish them?

Cannibals, Kanakas & Florence Young

In 1904, a tall, slender, well dressed woman stepped ashore on the cannibal-infested island of Malaita, in the Solomon Islands group.

Torture, Rejection and Love? – The Power of Prayer

In the most dangerous places on the planet, Christians continue to follow Jesus, no matter the cost. For Khan, that cost was high.

3 Reasons Bieber is Better at Sharing Jesus Than You

In previous interviews, Justin has talked openly about his faith in Jesus, his turning away from sin and his reliance on grace.

“He Saw Objections as a Cry of The Heart” – Obituary: Ravi Zacharias, Apologist (1946 – 2020)

Ravi Zacharias was always more interested in the questioner than the question itself, and encouraged evangelists to be sensitive to their audience.