“Opportunities Are Everywhere” – Henry’s Story

By: yesHEis

Henry lives life at 120%. He works hard to become an expert in whatever field or topic that he sets his mind to.

From coffee to social media management and now garden maintenance, Henry is an entrepreneur with a big heart for people.

He shared with us a recent opportunity he had to talk to a client about Jesus.

I was mowing one of my client’s lawns. He came out really excited about showing me the mirror in his house. He asked me to go look at the mirror and as I walked in I noticed the Bible. Then he showed me everything in his house. As we were walking back outside I saw the Bible again so I said, “Do you read the Bible?” And he said, “Not really. I used to. I mean I believe in God.” I told him that I go to church. That just started a whole conversation about Jesus.

Fast forward a few months…

Now every time I mow his lawn we pray. We’ve caught up a few times and we pray as well. He says, “I can feel the Holy Spirit.” Now he’s at the point where he really wants to come to church.

Opportunities like this are linked to how much you’re pursuing God at the time. I love what Paul says in Romans 1, “I am unashamed of the Gospel.” You can hear it in his blood. I can’t wait, every morning to share the hope and the strength that His goodness brings. The more I pursue God, the more I see the opportunities.

So, when I saw the Bible sitting there something jumped out. It was a split-second moment where I realised that this was the time to share. You become more aware of moments like these and God gives you a boldness to carry through with it.Henry, YesHeIs

This God-breathed boldness has made a way for many more conversations about faith and Jesus. Henry shared another story about a workmate:

He found a cross necklace when he was at work and was so excited to give it to me. I wanted to try and restructure the way he saw Jesus so I said, “Did you know that back in the day the cross wasn’t necessarily a nice thing for Christian’s, but their symbolism was a fish or an anchor because the hope that Jesus brought was the anchor for their life. So for Christianity our biggest symbol is hope.” He said to me, “I could go for some hope!”

From there it was a natural conversation talking about that and how Jesus is what you wake up for and He’s what gets you through the hard times. So that opened us up to talk more about what he’s struggling with and how Jesus could be the answer to his life.

The way you share Jesus with people who don’t yet know Him, is by talking about what He’s changed in you. You can argue the theology or why He’s real, but people see Jesus through the change in you. So sharing what He’s done in your life is always the best way.

We experience change through our own personal devotion and intimacy with Jesus. The result is life just like Henry has described—awareness of the opportunities all around us and a story of our own transformation.

Article supplied with thanks to yesHEis.

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