Life On Mission is About Three Simple Things

By: yesHEis

History has been filled with famous preachers and evangelists who have shared Jesus with millions of people around the world.

Billy Graham held huge rallies with an ocean of people in attendance and thousands of people choosing Jesus. One man, making a massive impact and millions of lives were changed.

The problem is when we see God use people in such powerful ways, we can often think to ourselves, “If that’s what God wants, then God won’t use me”. But it’s helpful to know that famous speakers and big rallies are the exception, not the norm.

“Your friends don’t need another world-changing evangelist, they need you—and talking to them about Jesus is easier than you might think.”

Sharing Jesus is not about changing your entire life, it’s about reframing the life you are already living to reflect God’s heart for mission. It’s about adopting a lifestyle that engages the words and actions of Jesus so the person of Jesus can be recognised and received. It’s about living your ‘Life On Mission’.

Living ‘Life on Mission’ is simple, yet powerful, and importantly, it’s straight from the book of Acts in the Bible. Best of all, the pressure is off, God takes care of everything. You just need to be filled with God’s presence and be ready to respond to the work that the Holy Spirit is already doing in the world around you.

Life on Mission is About 3 Simple Things:

1 – Pray—Be Fuelled by God

Sharing Jesus begins with getting into God’s presence and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Often we try to do it in our own strength because we forget the Holy Spirit is already with us. Pursuing a relationship with the Holy Spirit is key, as it changes your faith from being a part of your life to being central to it. Faith becomes something that carries you, rather than something you struggle to carry. The Holy Spirit gives you wisdom, insight, the words to say and the courage to say it. He is the power source to life on mission, so be fueled by God.

2 – Connect—Be Others-Focused

Sharing Jesus requires genuine connection. You may have heard the saying, “nobody cares what you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt. If you want someone to come to know Jesus, let them see Jesus in you first. Connect to the world around you and just be yourself, letting love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control flow through you. Stand out from the crowd in the way you love, serve, and support the people around you. This won’t happen on its own, you’ll need to make time and be intentional. Sharing Jesus with people becomes much easier when you already have a connection with them.

3 – Respond—Be Gospel Ready

Talking about Jesus – Sharing Jesus requires action. If you are actively praying for and connecting with your friends there will come a time when the Holy Spirit prompts you to talk about Jesus. When that time comes, it’s as simple as responding to what the Holy Spirit says to do. He’s already working in the people around you – be ready for the moments he creates to pray with someone, tell your story, explain the gospel, or invite people to church.

Life on Mission is simple but it requires intentionality.

Start today with these 3 steps:

  1. Plan to spend 15 minutes daily connecting with the Holy Spirit.
  2. Write a list of 3 people you see regularly who don’t know Jesus.
  3. Listen to the Holy Spirit throughout the day and be ready to respond to what He says to do.

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

About the Author: yesHEis provides various resources to help share your faith in relatable ways.

Feature image: Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash