End of Year Appeal 2019


Do you like encouraging others?

Do you smile readily at people in the street?

Are you quick to say a cheerful ‘Hi’ to people who catch your eye?

A friendly face can go a long way towards making people feel good. Much of the time we are unaware of what people around us are quietly struggling with and how much they may be suffering. Other people, busy and preoccupied with the day-to-day, are oblivious to the darkness in which they live.

But we have received the light of Christ! As people called of God, we are lights on a hill breaking through the spiritual darkness. This radio ministry is one way that together we can shine God’s light across the Riverland. But if we really want to see God make a dent in the darkness through our broadcast, we need to Make it Brighter!

You can make a difference – you can shine God’s light! God has called us together as His people to witness to the life that is in Jesus Christ. When you share your testimony, your own story of God’s goodness in your life – perhaps on the radio! – and when you help someone in need or support this and other outreach ministries, you are helping to defeat the darkness.

As we each share our light, together we can

Shine a little of your light this Christmas with us!

We’re shining the light of God’s love through our radio broadcast and with your help we will make it brighter so that more people hear about the wonderful gift of God’s Son given for them. May this Christmas be brighter with God’s eternal hope reflected in the hearts of many who hear God’s message and receive it for themselves.

Your donation to Riverland Life FM this festive season will help us keep our light shining in the Riverland and enable it to grow, to the glory of God.

God’s blessings to you and all your family this Christmas,

Heather Saunders
Station Manager