Why The Death Of Queen Elizabeth Brought Our World To A Halt

The world came to a screeching halt when Queen Elizabeth died. And her funeral was probably the most watched event in human history thus far.

The British Monarchy: What Happens Next?

After a 70-year reign, the Queen has died. When is her funeral? How is Australia paying its respect? And what happens to our coins?

The Day the Queen Met the King

Last week, the Queen, who had so often heard the term “Your Majesty” spoken to her, would have spoken them to someone else. The one true King.

You Are What You Remember… but You’re Probably Remembering It Wrong

A well as being incomplete, our memories are generally unstable. Far from being the same each time we access them, our memories change over time.

“It’s Getting Harder with Every Crop We Lose,” An Aussie Farmer on Finding Hope

Farmer Trent’s reality is one of thousands across the nation – finding a way to face the consequences of floods, droughts and a pandemic.

Gen Z: The Tik Tok Generation Who Care About Ending Racism & Climate Change

The world which educators are preparing students for is changing, but so too is the world these students are being shaped in.

Queen Elizabeth II: 1926–2022

The Queen has passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, it was announced at 6.30pm London time, sparking scenes of mourning around the world.

Unpacking The Parent-Teacher Tensions in the Education System

John Anderson is joined by Professor James Tooley for a fascinating conversation about the role of education in the modern age.

Review of Funding for School Chaplaincy Underway

Share your story! Submissions close soon for students and families to share about the impact and effectiveness of school chaplaincy.

Older Women Most At Risk of Homelessness

Women aged 55 years and above are the fastest growing female group experiencing homelessness in Australia – a “real worry” for charities.

Explainer: Why Has the “Anglican Church Split”?

The issue of same-sex marriage has caused a deep, dividing rift within the Anglican Church in Australia. Mike Crooks explains.

Is the Sexual Revolution Built on Lies? Secular Feminist says ‘Yes’.

Questions are being raised about the impact of the sexual revolution on girls and women… questions that resonate with the Bible’s view of sex.

Australia’s Christian History Takes Centre Stage in New Book

Dr Paul Roe’s book ‘Tell Me Another: A Storyteller’s Search for Australia’s Lost Faith’ looks at the importance of sharing everyone’s stories.

Gen Z and Cancel Culture

Gen Z are more aware than anyone else, that the rise of cancel culture has led to self-censoring, and hiding their opinions.

What Low Migration Has Meant for Australia’s Economy and Property Market

Migration has historically been the primary mechanism for Australia’s growth. So what happens when closed borders brings that to a halt?

Millennials Overtake Boomers to be Australia’s Largest Generation

The Millennials’ demographic size is such that they have now overtaken the Baby Boomers to be Australia’s largest generation.

Social Media Loses Trust as Source of News: Report

A new study reveals that Australians are turning away from social media platforms for a specific type of content.

“The Law Shouldn’t Protect Us From Having Our Views Challenged”, Says Leading Barrister & Historian

“Nobody is entitled not to have their fundamental and cherished views challenged,” says Lord Jonathan Sumption, emeritus judge of the UK Supreme Court.