Is AI Reinforcing Gender Inequity? These SXSW Sydney Panelists Say It’s a Risk

Dr Catriona Wallace, journalist Tracey Spicer and Elladex CEO Shivani Gopal on how gender inequity could be exacerbated by machine learning.

Where Australians Place Their Trust

Australians are increasingly placing their trust in local businesses and charities/not-for-profits, say researchers at McCrindle.

1000 Voices for 1000 Girls: Tackling Gender-Based Violence and Child Marriage Around the World

World Vision has launched 1000 Voices for 1000 Girls to bring more awareness and action to gender-based violence around the world.

Generation Alpha’s Economic Footprint

In 2029, when Gen Alpha enters adulthood, their collective economic footprint is projected to surge past US$5.46 trillion.

Museum “Touch” Experience for Blind and Partially Sighted to Benefit Everyone

The museum experience mostly benefits people with sight, where objects exist behind glass or barriers. But that’s hopefully set to change.

“A Real Journey of Confidence” – Tarryn Stokes, ‘The Voice’ Winner 2023

Aussie vocalist extraordinaire Tarryn Stokes has stepped into the limelight, being announced as the winner of Channel 7’s The Voice 2023.

Religious Freedom Has a Brighter Future with the Launch of ‘Faith NSW’

The major religious groups in NSW have united to form a new peak body, representing their common interests at all levels of government.

Australia’s Migration Patterns: Home Near and Far

Among the various cultures contributing to Australia’s multicultural fabric, the United Kingdom takes the lead…

Beyond ChatGPT: Here’s How AI Has Already Infiltrated Our Everyday

AI is already serving us across many arenas of life, from serving as a round-the-clock doctor to keeping online customers happy.

How Jesus Launched a Sexual Revolution That Protects Children

Outrage against paedophilia is not universal, neither through history nor through many cultures around the world today.

It’s Official – The Bureau Declares El Niño and Positive Indian Ocean Dipole Events

Warmer and drier conditions will be more likely over spring and summer, under the influence of these two climate drivers.

Voting on The Voice: Interviews on Both Perspectives

Two respectful “yes” and “no” perspectives to add to your research in making an informed decision on The Voice Referendum.

What are Your Travel Alternatives to Qantas?

As the national carrier dramatically falters, let’s explore the other airline options for moving about the continent.

Gen Z’s Top Hope in Life: Home Ownership

The ‘Australian dream’ is still sought after, even with the current housing climate preventing many from entering the market.

The Future of Commerce is Cause-Driven

There’s not only intrinsic value in being a trustworthy, integrous and ‘good’ organization, there are compelling commercial reasons too.

Personalisation is Getting Personal: Here’s Where Tech Trends Meet Food Fads

The trend of high-tech customer personalisation has worked its way into the health and nutrition fields, writes futurist Michael McQueen.

Robots are Getting Their Hands Dirty to Keep us Fed

One of the industries where tech innovation is hitting the ground most effectively is agriculture, writes Michael McQueen.

Australia’s New Dream: Financial Independence

A new report shows that Financial independence now surpasses home ownership as the top financial dream for Australians today.