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What’s your motivation for serving God? It isn’t always what we do that matters so much, but moreso the reason why we do it.

In 1991, Craig Josling started a group that now sees 800 Christian workers meeting in small groups throughout Sydney.

In his novel The City and The City, English author China Mieville sets a murder mystery in two cities, Beszel and Ul Quoma.

If you are a Christian, take a moment to joy-check your religion. And if you’re not, could you be missing out on real and lasting happiness in your life?

Lego may give an insight into some of life’s biggest questions, and a pointer that maybe the atheist explanation for the universe is inadequate.

Holding out for a promise that feels a million miles away? Be encouraged that God is working on all the promises he makes because he keeps them.

It’s a dilemma we all face in one way or another. We all experience the illusion of strength in our lives which causes us to think we don’t need God.

Unfortunately revenge, while it feels good in a fleeting moment, ultimately leaves us feeling even more empty and angry than before.

Stuck on the merri-go-round of your thoughts? You have the power of peace at any moment to help you slow everything down in your head.

A book focusing on the experience of persecuted Christians can help Western Christians prepare for a future in which religious freedom is severely eroded.

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