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December 23, 2021

“You keep praying, but you’re only listening for the answer you want.” I was rattled to the core. I remember sobbing uncontrollably.

If you’re living an autopilot kind of life, you get the control of your life back and grow to become the person you were created to be.

While cosmetic makeovers can only change a person on an external level, only Jesus can change your heart. Jesus can give you a soul makeover.

A rich and satisfying life doesn’t come from spending hours endlessly scrolling through social media. It comes through knowing Jesus.

Why do we have this obsession with the Rubik’s Cube? Maybe it’s because deep down we have a God-given desire for order, design, and beauty


December 1, 2021

Hurt is inevitable, but bitterness is your choice. If you want to keep your spirit and your soul healthy you have to learn to let go, forgive, move on.


November 28, 2021

In ancient times, flatbreads were baked by placing them in the fire. First on one side, and then the “cake” was turned to cook the other side.

One of the themes of the gospel of Mark is that Jesus touches the untouchable. Where others turn away, Jesus will draw near to you.

In my house we have this rule: Last Person to Shower Must Squeegee the Shower. It sounds like a great rule, but it’s had the opposite effect.

The pandemic has disrupted the practice of worship but Hillsong songwriter Ben Fielding is focused on connecting people to the heart of God through music.

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