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Hamilton delves into the life of a deeply religious man, who fought for the downtrodden and sought forgiveness and redemption.

The global health crisis has dramatically shifted the way people connect with their church. Is it for good, or will service soon return to normal?

The “Single Minded” online series is seeking to create positive, biblical conversations about sex, starting with “Rethinking Biblical Sexuality”.

There are places in our lives that we haven’t visited in a long time, and to which its good to go back to begin a much needed healing process.

A rising trend in Australia is the affinity for no religion. And yet, Australians are more and more describing themselves as spiritual.

While serving in Afghanistan, Haydn Lea realised he had a talent for comforting his comrades with his newfound Christian wisdom.

During COVID, those weird Old Testament laws about isolating, washing hands and social distancing from the unclean suddenly make a lot of sense.

Think of the last time someone whispered something to you. They weren’t on the other side of the room, they were right next to you.

In our culture of modern idolatry, we have made our stuff our god. Your stuff may disappear, but God’s not going anywhere.

The measure of our forgiveness for others is not the forgiveness we are offered, but rather the forgiveness we choose to receive.

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