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What does it mean to make history? Nelson Mandela, Pelé, Mother Teresa, and Albert Einstein are all names which are instantly recognisable to many of us.

Remind yourself about the incredible power of prayer to access strength and help from God in your time of need with these 13 hope-filled verses.

The Psalms say to “taste and see that the Lord is good”! Throughout the ages, millions of transformed lives have testified to Christ’s resurrection power.

Scripture gives Jesus over 208 titles and every one of them is sufficient to provide day upon day of meditation, bringing glory, insight, wisdom, and hope.

Scriptures for such a time as now, to anchor yourself in 6 Kingdom promises that remain steadfast and true through every challenge and change.

Christian: Don’t assume that your friends already know the message Jesus brought to the world, don’t assume it’s common knowledge.

Even as advice and measures keep changing, there are powerful ways people of faith can help the community through COVID-19.

Through prayer, we can access a bank whose capital is absolutely unlimited and can meet all of our needs. Prayer unlocks the bank of heaven.


March 27, 2020

In a relationship with Jesus we can have many life-changing experiences, but people’s opinions can instil fear which prevents us from sharing about them.

These are testing times. Where will we find the inner resources to cope with the inherent anxieties ahead and rise to consider others? This prayer may help.

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