“Was I Good to You?” – US Actor Kevin Quinn Says This Should Be Your Life’s Legacy

Kevin Quinn’s five-track project is the product of years of questions he asked about faith and life, and his intense desire to use time well.

Jesus Takes the Worry Out of Worship

With the coming of Jesus, every part of the worship package has been completed by a priest who never had to offer a sacrifice for his own sins.

“Embracing My Past Helps me Share About Jesus”—Jesse

Jesse is a life coach—passionate about skateboarding and Jesus. He talksabout his story and how he uses his past to change people’s future…

“Jesus Changed My Life” – Rapper and Producer Jack Shares his Story

Jack is a rapper, music producer and a passionate Jesus-man. He shares about his journey of sharing his faith with friends.

Spiritual Practices Valued by Australians During Crisis

Nearly 7 in 10 Australians thought spiritual practices were important during the recent national crises of COVID and the devastating bushfires.

What Pandemic? Australians Return to Worship in Church

With lockdowns perhaps a thing of the past, religious services have seen numbers of the faithful steadily returning to more normal sizes.

A Fatal Flaw at The Heart of Evolutionary Morality

Our secular culture often uses evolution to explain why we’re moral creatures, and why we’re outraged at injustice. But the theory has a fatal flaw.

Women’s Justice and Mercy Ministries: Celebrating the Church’s Unsung Heroes

A fascinating new podcast and e-book, ‘More Than a Cake Stall’, tells the story of women’s work in justice and mercy ministries.

Made For Heaven

You were made for life, and with all the good things that it brings. That’s why Jesus has gone to prepare a place for you in heaven.

If I’m Anxious, Does That Make My Faith Weak? – Author Nikki Thompson

Author Nikki Thompson questioned whether she could still be the Christian she aspired to be, and have fear, at the same time.

Christian Growth Comes Down to Daily Habits Says Pastor Justin Kendrick

In his new book, Justin explores habits that help and challenge us to build lives which are more Jesus-like.

How To Actively Read Your Bible

If you want to read the Bible in a way that gives God a greater scope to change you, try the S.O.A.P. method. Here’s how to do it.

Hearing God’s Voice Doesn’t Work With a Microwave Mentality

Learning to hear God’s voice takes time and our ability to recognise the voice of the Spirit improves with experience and practice.

Is God Only Watching us From a Distance?

Many religious systems in the world start from the premise that God is far away and remains high above or that they can earn closeness to God.

The Practice of Resting In God’s Peace

We live in a world full of restlessness, fear and instability. Yet Jesus offers us peace amidst it all.

Why do Christians act so un-Christian?

It’s easy to assume that once someone makes a decision to become a Christian, they automatically start acting like it. But this is largely a fallacy.

Start Your Day in God’s Presence

How did you start your day? How you spend the first 30 minutes of a day often determines how productive you will be.

How Jesus Taught Us To Bring Flavour to Life

We preserve our flavour by holding onto the ingredients Jesus describes in His sermon, this salt flavours our family, community and our nation.