Bye-Bye Victimhood: My One Trick to Help Turn Your Thinking Around

By: Rachel Reva

See if you recognize any of these thoughts:

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“No matter what I do I can’t seem to get ahead.”

“It’s not my fault this is happening.”

Your car is breaking down, work isn’t going well, your baby isn’t sleeping – just general life things that seem to all happen at the same time, can lead you to certain questions. I Know myself, if I’m not careful I can fall into a victim mentality.

When I do, I start asking these questions – which are full of self-pity and frankly are totally dis-empowering – because it puts me in a position that starts to believe nothing in life is in my control and I’m helpless.

Which is completely not true. As a child of God, you are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.

The truth is, when ‘things’ happen – your fridge breaks down, you have an argument with a loved one or something really tragic occurs – you have a choice in how you respond.

So what if, instead of responding as a victim, you flip the question?

You are only going to receive as good of an answer as your question is.

So instead of “Why is this happening to me?”, ask something more empowering, such as: “What am I meant to learn through this?”, “What are you trying to teach me right now?”, or “What is it that I have to be transformed or healed from?”

Living in peace is not something that automatically happens – every day life will give you the opportunity to respond with frustration, fear, worry – and to feel like a victim to your circumstance.

But I’m here to remind you, as a child of God – you have a royal heritage – full of honor, grace, wisdom and peace. Lean into that.

In John 14:27 it says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

No matter what is happening today – heres’ one suggestion for you:

Ask empowering questions.

This will help you remember who you are, who you belong to and who you are called to be.

Article supplied with thanks to Rachel Reva at Life On Her Terms.

Feature image: Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash 

About the author: Rachel Reva is a PR consultant and author with a career that has spanned TV, writing, radio and politics. Born in Georgia, USA, Rachel now lives in Australia with her young family, and is heard every week on radio.