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Personal Branding: In Need of a Makeover?

“I think I need a personal brand makeover.” I never imagined saying these words – yet here I was, needing to make myself more visible.

Change Comes Through Little Victories

Progress in life is most often found through little victories, and it is their cumulative impact that makes the difference.

Beat Procrastination: Manage Perfectionism to Boost Productivity

There may be many reasons behind procrastination, but here we focus on the management of procrastination as a result of perfectionism.

Why is it So Hard to Keep my Goals?

A quick search suggests that most New Years’ Resolutions last about a month – so if you struggle to keep the goals you set you are not alone!

The Art of Conversation: Are You an Illuminator or a Diminisher?

Often we assume we are better conversationalists than we are. It is hard to listen well. It is easier to be a diminisher than an illuminator.

8 Qualities to Cultivate to Make Success a Pattern, Not a ‘Moment’

What are some of the qualities of people who are routinely successful? Most are able to tick all of these 8 boxes…

How to Build Self-Confidence

Confidence is not a fixed characteristic, but a quality that can grow and improve over time, writes psychologist Lauren Chee.

Disruptions to Workflow Do Not Have to Be Normal

Imagine your diary is at a predictable place so that people know when you are working and when you can be contacted. You can make it happen!

Don’t Have Time For Your Dream Life? Maybe You Do…

If you catch yourself saying you don’t have enough time for something, rephrase it as: “this is not a priority for me”, writes Yiqin Houston.

Reducing Black and White Thinking – And Living With Grey

While black and white thinking can give us a sense of certainty and clarity, life hardly ever fits neatly into one of two categories.

Want to Change an Area of Your Life? Get Around New People

Want to take the next step in your career? Seek out someone who is doing or has done exactly what you want for yourself.

Bye-Bye Victimhood: My One Trick to Help Turn Your Thinking Around

When things go wrong, you have a choice as to how you respond. What if, instead of responding as a victim, you flip the question?

Thinking of Getting Therapy? Here’s 4 Reasons to Act Now

While starting therapy with a psychologist may seem daunting, the sooner you act the better, say the experts.

Grateful, Engaged, Open: 3 Postures to Adopt

Some of the most bitter people have the most to be grateful for – they just can’t see it, writes Brian Harris.

Three Things to Get Right When Your Work Feels ‘Meh’

The job that you were once so excited to have landed no longer sparks the same joy. What can you do about it?

First Steps to Financial Freedom as a Couple

There’s no one right way to get your finances under control, but there are certain principles couples need to follow to reach freedom.

Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Marriages

The health of a marriage is determined by individual health, so we need to care for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fitness.

7 Healthy Habits That Will Improve Your Marriage

Halt the unhealthy communication patterns that hurt your relationship and replace them with healthy ones to strengthen your marriage.