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Bye-Bye Victimhood: My One Trick to Help Turn Your Thinking Around

When things go wrong, you have a choice as to how you respond. What if, instead of responding as a victim, you flip the question?

The Real Reason For Your Race: 3 Truths About Your Calling

We are all in a ‘race’ of some kind. And the reason we start is often not the reason we finish, writes Rachel Reva.

Try a Little Kindness – The Results Can Be Surprising

Offering a kind word can not only make someone’s day better, but knowing someone is thinking about them, can make all the difference in the world.

The Day I Discovered my Inner Narcissist

That uncomfortable moment when you take a personality test and are served with words like “image-conscious, pretentious, dishonest and superficial.”

“Healthy Masculinity Looks Like Christlikeness,” Says Pastor Jon Tyson

Australian pastor and author Jon Tyson says we need a “radical Christian community”, championing healthy masculinity and Christlike character.

The ‘Slap’ – A Reflection on a Moment of Public Humiliation

After Will Smith’s infamous ‘slap’ incident at the Oscars, Stephen McAlpine reflects on his own humiliating moment, and the soul-searching that followed.

Humility Hasn’t Always Been a Virtue. Here’s How its Meaning Changed

Along with kindness and generosity, humility may be our most-cited quality of a good person. But it hasn’t always been considered a virtue.

What Legacy Are You Building?

Success in the big stuff demands dependable and consistent commitment to the little things, this becomes the legacy you leave behind.

A Letter To My Sons About Becoming Good Men (In a Culture That Degrades Females)

I’m writing to make you aware of what your female family members and friends are up against. And how you should respond, especially as males.

Attitude is Everything

Attitude matters when we’re dealing with challenging people or situations, and these are two ways that we can respond better.

Teaching Your Kids About Good Character

Every day, in any number of situations, our children are looking for clues about our character, watching to see if our actions line up with our words.