By: Sheridan Voysey According to the experts, writing in a journal can help you reduce stress, increase creativity, solve problems, and manage conflict. I’ve also found it to be an incredibly helpful tool for making sense of our personal histories. If you’re new to the practice I have a longer post and podcast on journaling here. But […]

When life kicks you, it’s easy to become disoriented. Counselling is simply a way of pressing the “reset button.” If relationships matter to you, there’s one important principle you need to bear in mind: it takes two to tango. A relationship of any kind, and especially a romantic relationship, can only be as strong as […]

Robert Coles, the eminent American psychiatrist, once wrote a book called The Call of Service. Collating his work over three decades with charity workers, civil rights campaigners and community volunteers, Coles explored the reasons why people serve others and what satisfactions they get from doing so. The satisfactions he found were as you’d expect—helping others brings […]

By: Jari Smith Winter is here! The season of hot chocolate, knitted jumpers and chapped lips. Although many parts of Australia don’t get as chilly as others, some of us can’t handle even slightly cool temperatures without a hot water bottle at the ready. I love winter! Winter is the time to pull out your favourite […]

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