Pear and Cinnamon Cake – Paleo Recipe

This is a deliciously spiced soft loaf with a firm outside and filled with diced pear to add natural sweetness.

Bacon & Broccoli Carbonara – Paleo Recipe

This easy weeknight budget dinner has a lovely fresh flavour with crispy bacon, gluten-free pasta and a dairy-free creamy carbonara sauce.

5 Facts You May Not Have Known About Christmas

From the first Christmas card to the season’s most played song and where December 25 came from, did you know these things about Christmas?

Rosemary Roasted Mixed Nuts – Paleo Recipe for Entertaining

This recipe has a wonderful mix of flavour and crunch. And it makes a great gift: add the nuts to a glass jar, seal and tie with a ribbon.

‘My Mind & Me’: Selena Gomez Breaks Down Myth of Success

‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’ is about a woman grappling with a past that’s defined her but that she’s since outgrown.

5 Better Measures of Success

We all crave for success, but how do we know when we’ve really “made it”? What really matters to God’s heart when it comes to success?

Marzipan Truffles – Paleo Recipe for Entertaining

Marzipan Truffles are a great healthy festive treat. Almonds and almond extract bring the delicious marzipan flavour.

The Avatar Effect – And How to Beat it

The Avatar Effect: That phenomenon where, after watching Avatar, rather than relishing its cinematic escapism, viewers become depressed.

Chocolate & Date Brownies – Paleo Recipe

These moist, fudgy paleo brownies have a delicious chocolate-caramel flavour. Dates not only give flavour but are rich in fibre and vitamins.

Dairy-Free Sour Cream: A Paleo Friendly Recipe

This creamy and tangy dairy-free sour cream is so easy to make, everything is whipped up together quickly in a high-speed blender.

Japanese Savoury Pancakes: A Paleo Recipe

A light and fluffy savoury pancake, with sweet potato for extra nutrition, plus almond meal and arrowroot for gluten free goodness.

Cinnamon & Pecan Tea Cake – Paleo Friendly Recipe

This moist almond-vanilla tea cake sprinkled with a cinnamon and pecan topping is perfect to serve for morning or afternoon tea.

Ranch Dressing – Paleo Friendly Recipe

Serve this tasty Ranch Dressing over salads, wedges, as a dip, or as a spread in gluten-free burgers or wraps.

Food Can Prompt Us Toward Godly Wonder, Says Writer Erin Davis

Realising how unhealthy her approach to food had become, Erin Davis began to wonder what the Bible had to say about food.

Need a Job? Top Tips for Job Hunting and Interviews

An employment provider CEO, and our community of readers, share their top tips for when you are going for a job interview.

Understanding Generation Alpha

Within 4 years, Generation Alpha will outnumber the Baby Boomers, and many of them will live to see the 22nd Century.

Three Reasons Why We Procrastinate (And How to Overcome it)

Many of us wish we didn’t procrastinate so much. But before we can think about how to overcome it, we need to first understand why we do it.

Why Sustainable, Ethical Fashion is Possible

James Bartle from Outland Denim talks about what it takes to protect people and the planet in the fashion industry.