Life in the Garden

Life in the garden for gardening chat and more.

Kids Kuzine

Join Abbie and Jacob for this kids cooking show with simple fun recipes.

Tuesday Nights with Rohan and Shane

Light hearted banter and of course great music on Riverland Life FM.

Head in the Game

A show about keeping your head in the game.

When it’s Time to Leave the Old Behind and Welcome the New

There are times in life we need to welcome new people and experiences with enthusiasm, and let others go with grace, writes Helen Carr.

Hobby Horse Riding: A Strange Sport Impacting Lives for the Better

Hobby horse riding is a legitimate competitive sport, that is growing in Australia. Expert Coralie Kedzlie shared all about the horse hype.

Radical Love Helps ‘Shazam!’ Actor Zachary Levi Overcome History of Trauma

In his debut memoir ‘Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others’, Zachary shares about his trauma recovery and mission to help others.

Rom-Coms Don’t Just Make You Feel Good, They’re Good *For* You… It’s Science!

Do you have a secret addiction to feel-good romantic comedies? Turns out there’s good reason. They’re actually good for your health.

Exploring the Link Between Population Growth and Property Prices

Over the last two years, the key factors driving Australia’s population growth have all fallen. What does that mean for property prices into the future?

Research Shows Men Need to Talk More About Their Mental Health

Research has shown that men aren’t speaking up enough about their mental health, leading them to seek out unhealthy coping mechanisms.

8 Glasses of Water… A Myth

Living Water is what Jesus gives us… A filled life. A fulfilled life. “Give me 8 glasses of that per day”, writes Sam Chan.

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Quick to Be Worthwhile, Says Author Hannah Brencher

Author Hannah Brencher encourages her readers to seek out their own transformation story and learn to pursue health and success through God, not culture.

Your Community’s Best Budgeting and Money Saving Tips

As the cost of living has started to rise, we asked people like you for their top budgeting and money-saving tips (save this article for a rainy day!)

Becoming Undistracted is About our Values, Not To-Do Lists

The Israeli-born American author, lecturer and investor shares about the psychology of distraction and the human quest to accomplish something.

Is Smart Carpet the Next Must-Have Home Innovation?

Our homes already have smart fridges, televisions, vacuum cleaners – and now the carpet is about to get smart, and it comes with surprising health benefits.

Volunteering Isn’t Just About Helping, it’s Community Building

Volunteering Australia CEO says volunteering is a profound aspirational statement about how we want our communities to be into the future.

Solitude for Beginners

Susan Browning was always busy – until the day she started watching clouds go by – and felt a tiny bit restored. It started a new habit.

“What’s for Dinner Tonight?” Overload – With a Side of Decision Fatigue!

Decision fatigue is a state of mental overload from having too many options, too many choices to make. It’s why choosing what’s for dinner can be so hard.