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Is the Sexual Revolution Built on Lies? Secular Feminist says ‘Yes’.

Questions are being raised about the impact of the sexual revolution on girls and women… questions that resonate with the Bible’s view of sex.

Church’s Silence on Sex has Led Christians to Look to the World for Answers

The “Single Minded” online series is seeking to create positive, biblical conversations about sex, starting with “Rethinking Biblical Sexuality”.

A Letter To My Sons About Becoming Good Men (In a Culture That Degrades Females)

I’m writing to make you aware of what your female family members and friends are up against. And how you should respond, especially as males.

How Far Is Too Far? | Christian Dating Advice

Teens and young adults want to know how far they can go before God gets angry, when in reality it has nothing to do with displeasing Him.

Delaying Sex in the Teen Years – It’s Good But Not For The Reasons You Think

7 tips for parents when having ‘the talk’ to empower their teenagers to make safe, informed and healthy decisions around sex.

What to Do When Your Teen is Caught ‘Sexting’

A recent study, which analysed the sexting behaviours of over 10,300 teens, found that approximately one in six teens are sending nudes.