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Blended Family Grandparenting

You can give your step-grandchildren many presents, but the gifts of understanding, love and impartiality are priceless.

A Grand Influence: How to Bond With Your Grandkids

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is important, but doesn’t happen overnight. Slow and steady is the key.

Empty Nest Syndrome: Who It Impacts and How to Survive

Janet Evans and Dr Amelia Haines want more awareness and empathy for a type of grief and loss that is common but often ignored.

The Case for Marriage and Why It’s Good For Us: Research Findings

Research shows that people in traditional nuclear families with a married couple, do better in economic, educational and health outcomes.

3 Keys to a Peaceful Family Gathering These Holidays

Family gatherings at Christmas can lead to stressful conversations – so here are 3 things to keep in mind to avoid the conflict.

‘A Lasting Tale’ Helps Families to Capture Our Elders Memories

A Lasting Tale guides families to record key information and stories so their life can be remembered long after their gone.

The Most Influential People in the World

Perhaps influential people aren’t the most influential people in the world. Perhaps the most influential people in the world were their parents.

7 Ways to Take Back Christmas

Use these 7 strategies to beat the Christmas Grinch as you navigate the season and take back your Christmas!

“Take Back Your Family” From the Western World’s Broken Model, Says Author Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke found himself revaluating the entire modern Western model of the family unit in light of pandemic living.

How to Be a Better Friend and Understand Your Adult Children

By: Jenny Baxter How do you be a better friend, colleague, or for that matter, mother to your adult children?

The Beauty of Family Traditions

Through tumultuous times, everyday rituals and regular family traditions serve as anchors and safe havens to be counted on.

Blokes Need to Bond: Men’s Health Week 2021

In a COVID world, men need to connect with family and friends even more, according to men’s health experts.

What to Do When Parents and Grandparents Disagree

Here are some tips to help you get your extended family back on track when parents and grandparents disagree on how to raise your kids.

How to Banish Screens and Make Mealtimes Matter

We’ve all had that conversation about those families who go out for dinner and then stare at their screens rather than one another.

The ‘Gift’ of COVID

The ‘gift of COVID’ is that many of us have experienced new and positive ways of living, thinking, working and cultivating relationships.

How to Deal With Toxic Family Members Biblically

Not sure how to deal with toxic family members? Here’s how to identify the signs of a toxic relationship and what the Bible has to say about cutting ties.

10 Promises to Declare over Your Family

Use your words to release divine destiny and empowering truth over your kids with these ten powerful scriptures from the Bible.

Mum of 3 Children Killed by Car Smash, Speaks of Forgiveness and Hope

The mother of three children killed in a horrific road crash says she forgives the driver involved, and “cannot hate him”.