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People are Deconstructing their Faith. Here’s How to Respond

If you or someone you know is going through a process of deconstruction in their faith, here are some things to remember.

When Experience Holds You Back

I guess every advantage has a shadow, and it’s as well to be aware that even experience has potential hazards.

Friendship, Forgiveness and Faith in ‘The Miracle Club’ – Movie Review

A movie 20 years in the making, The Miracle Club paints a portrait of friendship, faith, and the power of forgiveness.

‘The Hiding Place’ Brings a Timeless Message of Faith [Movie Review]

In Australian cinemas on August 16, for one night only, The Hiding Place speaks into our uncertain times with a timeless message of faith.

6 Reasons Why Giving is an Essential Part of a Healthy Christian Faith

Generosity is a clear distinctive of a healthy Christian life, writes Ben Allsop. Especially when times are difficult.

3 Truths to Navigate in a Season of Uncertainty

Here are three truths that writer and traveller Sonja Chua learned and re-learned about God during times of uncertainty.

Developing Deep, Resilient Faith in Our Kids

Waking your kids up early every Sunday morning, or ‘outsourcing’ their faith journey to school or church isn’t enough, writes Annette Spur.

The Case for Mercy

Being merciful is more than refraining from sticking the knife in… it’s also about having eyes open to see those who are struggling.

It’s Those Who Truly Seek That Find

Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure was so valuable, hundreds left their jobs to search for it, while some even died. Sheridan Voysey reflects.

Pascal’s Poo Test Wager

But it’s no laughing matter. The increased risk of bowel cancer as you er, pass, fifty means that the poo test could be a life saver.

‘The Birds’ and the Rising Cost of Living

How can Jesus’ invitation to “consider the birds” help us cope with the rising cost of living? Max Jeganathan shares a Christian approach.

That ‘Inbox Zero’ Contentment Feeling

To be still in this culture can mean allowing your email count to tick back from ‘0’ to ‘1’ without fret, writes Tim Yearsley.

When Faith is a Quest

For some, faith is easy. For others, it is a perpetual “quest” that involves hard questions, searching, and dismissal of easy answers.

The Pleasure (and Value) of Changing One’s Mind

It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, and admitting we are wrong and changing our mind can lead to our personal growth, writes Aaron Johnstone.

I Am Not Who I Was Before — Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly grew up in a dangerous neighbourhood where drugs were sold and used daily. Living in such a volatile and toxic environment changed her.

A Creative Entrepreneur, Influencing Culture — Moyin’s Story

The pioneer of her own media career in a time where it wasn’t the norm to do so, Moyin knows a thing or two about living with a mission and never giving up.

Why Do I Hate Vacuuming?

Vacuuming is boring. It’s indoors. But mowing the lawn is exciting. It’s outdoors. There’s danger! Context is everything.

Okay, So it’s a Secular Age – But Jesus is Still Working

We don’t need to tailor the gospel message to make it more acceptable to the modern progressive mind, writes Stephen McAlpine.