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“Time to Act”: Australia’s Rental Crisis

An expert warns the housing crisis will get worse as a new study delves into rent prices in Australia, with some surprising results.

How Not to Slip up in Life

Knowing that God is not against us but for us, will help to protect us against overwhelming crisis in life, writes Eliezer Gonzalez.

Energy Crisis Explained: “A Dangerous Storm”

At the height of winter, an energy crisis has gripped Australia’s East Coast. Here is why, and what’s in store for the future.

There’s a Word for What I’m Experiencing: Wintering. Maybe You’re Feeling it Too

‘Wintering’ is a word for those times when life turns cold, through crisis or loss, and we find ourselves living at a slower pace to everyone else.

Australian Churches Unite to Offer Homes, Seek Extra Visas for Afghans

Christians United for Afghanistan is a movement spearheaded by Micah Australia that is asking the Australian Government to do three things.

Six Sentences of Comfort for an Afghan Living in Australia

A Christian Afghan man living in Australia shares the words that instill in him a powerful hope, in light of his homeland’s dire circumstance.

“We Are Committed”: World Vision Pledges to Stay in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, but the Christian charity will continue to provide humanitarian aid to its embattled people.

“It Just Feels Like It’s Been Piled On” – American Musician on Handling the Trauma of 2020

In all the difficulties of this year, US artist Melanie Penn believes it’s one that may be a catalyst to positive change for a lot of people.

5 Practices That Could Paralyse Your Pivot

There are 5 mindsets that commonly hold businesses and leaders back from healthy adaptation and paralyses any ability to pivot and move with the times.

How To Heal A Country: Celebrate Our Differences Says US Pastor

“I do believe there can be restoration… if we can see power in our difference, we can begin that pattern that will bring healing to generations.”

Scriptures to Cling to in This Season of Crisis

Scriptures for such a time as now, to anchor yourself in 6 Kingdom promises that remain steadfast and true through every challenge and change.

How Can My Church Help the Community in Crisis? Practical and Financial Ideas

Even as advice and measures keep changing, there are powerful ways people of faith can help the community through COVID-19.

How Businesses Can Recalibrate in a Crisis

‘Getting back to basics’ is a critical first step to take when crisis hits.This can be done by examining two crucial elements in your organisation DNA.

Spread the Gospel, Not COVID-19

No matter how painful world challenges are at the time, these things pass, but the long term legacy on behaviours and society often remains.