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The Art of Conversation: Are You an Illuminator or a Diminisher?

Often we assume we are better conversationalists than we are. It is hard to listen well. It is easier to be a diminisher than an illuminator.

Are You a ‘Preacher’ or a Storyteller?

There is a preacher and a story teller in each of us. We need to soften the preacher and develop the story teller.

Five Tips for Difficult Conversations

If we don’t communicate what we need, we can fall into resentment. Here are five tips for effective communication in difficult situations.

Why Repetition is a Powerful Tool for Marketers, Teachers and Leaders

We should beware dodgy marketing ploys that gain traction via simple repetition, writes Michael McQueen. But repetition is a powerful tool for good, too.

In a Diverse Cultural Landscape, Our Communication May Need to Slow Down

More cultural diversity means the pace of our communication may need to slow down, to ensure we communicate and engage with communities well.

Breaking Language Barriers: New Tech Giving Real-Time Translations

If you’re talking to someone who speaks another language, as that person speaks over the phone, you will receive an almost real-time translation in English.

Switchfoot’s Tim Foreman Says Opposition is an Opportunity to Grow

“…Can you make something beautiful with people that you strongly disagree with? I think you can, and I think we need to.”

A Refreshing Conversation Between an Atheist and Christian

A conversation that offers fascinating insights and perhaps a model for how to have civil and thoughtful conversations about God, gods and bigger questions.

Four Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Hurting

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say to comfort a friend who is hurting. A good place to start is with what NOT to say!

Hillsong’s Robert Fergusson on How to Let God Speak Through Your Life Story

Pastor Robert Fergusson’s new book dives into the art of storytelling and how to effectively use your life story to unveil God’s truths.

What to Do When Parents and Grandparents Disagree

Here are some tips to help you get your extended family back on track when parents and grandparents disagree on how to raise your kids.

Sometimes You Must Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

The idea that we could tell our heart to do something is strange, but there is merit to the psychological power of self-talk.

3 Keys to Asking Better Questions

If you are finding your conversations are not resulting in what you had hoped, try using these 3 keys to help you ask better questions.

Teaching Teens About Healthy Disagreement

Four practical tips you can use to help young people resist the ‘for us or against us’ dichotomies and instead, engage in respectful, healthy disagreement.

I Raised 3 Screenagers: A Gen X View of Gen Z

Gen Z is a fascinating group and one that deserves attention and a rich understanding of how to communicate and engage with them.

What Teens Can Learn From Making A Phone Call Instead Of Texting

56% of Australians avoid calling people, choosing instead to text or send an instant message of some kind including teens who are an even lower percentage.