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The Coming Church Wipeout: Navigating the Impact of Higher Interest Rates

As we enter an era characterized by rising interest rates, there is an unexpected casualty emerging: churches.

When Church is Beautiful

I don’t know if you have ever left a church service thinking, “Wow – that was really beautiful.” Here are two Sundays where I did…

Why Young People Are Moving Away from Faith

Why are our children walking away from church and faith and how can we prevent it? Author Melanie Saward has some suggestions.

Is Church Working For You?

“This church thing, it’s just not working for me,” said my friend. It wasn’t the first time I had heard this.

A Simple Cup of Joy

‘Do you want this coffee?’, my mum asked. Little did she know that in that one sentence and gesture, she was affirming my faith.

Does the Church Support those Suffering with Mental Illness?

“If there’s stigma and shame around mental health, they’re not going to talk to the church… they’ll think we’re going to judge them.”

Pastors Are Burning Out – But Churches Can Help Prevent It

Approximately 35 per cent of pastors had “seriously considered” quitting, according to research from clinical psychologist Valerie Ling.

The Volunteer Organisation Serving God by Repairing Dilapidated Churches

Mobile Mission Maintenance works on churches and other buildings used for Christian outreach, relieving ministers of this work.

“Global Domination” of the Gospel Begins with an Effective Youth Ministry

The internet has made it easier to get resources into the hands of every young person if they’ve got a smartphone.

Easter is the Best Time to Invite Someone to Church: New Research

Research shows that 40 percent of Australians would say yes if they were invited to church at Easter time.

ChatGPT: What No A-I Hath Seen

Who would want a church full of AI ‘synths’ when you can have one full of humans, writes Stephen McAlpine.

Church-Lite: Is This a Better Way to do Church?

Perhaps there is a new category of church that could be imagined – for want of a better name, “church-lite”. Brian Harris reflects.

A Year On – What God Is Doing Through FEBC in Ukraine

Despite the challenges of the ongoing war in Ukraine, FEBC is finding unique ways to reach more people with a message of hope.

The Big Fat Ugly Lie Most Christians Believe

Many Christian denominations have upheld standards of “perfection” that create a fundamental misunderstanding of the gospel message.

Domestic Violence: The Church Can’t be Absent From Addressing the Issue

“Rates of domestic abuse in the church community are about the same as in the broader community,” Anglicare’s Lynda Dunstan says.

Does Church Matter?

The church needs to be made up of genuine disciples – even if the music is lousy, and the congregation a tad unusual, writes Brian Harris.

John and Amy’s Kitchen Table – And What it Says About Worship

We need to build Christian worship that complements both old and new, and is true… Worship cannot be aesthetics alone, writes Stephen McAlpine.

Explainer: Why Has the “Anglican Church Split”?

The issue of same-sex marriage has caused a deep, dividing rift within the Anglican Church in Australia. Mike Crooks explains.