Pure Baby Bliss between Grandmas and Mothers?

By: Jan Murray

Our guest blogger this week is Jan Murray, reflecting on Grandmothers helping Mothers. Is it a case of pure baby bliss? Or is it a family melt-down?Well, at very least, let’s avoid the melt-down!

Things to Consider

Every mother and daughter has a unique relationship, and pure baby bliss after the delivery is not necessarily automatic! Once your daughter has given birth to her baby, there are several factors to consider, when wanting to help.

Here are some thoughts to factor into your decision about how realistic it is to help your daughter during this newborn stage:

  • Do you live close by, or are you interstate or overseas?
  • Are you emotionally and physically capable?
  • Are you working yourself?
  • What does she need most?
  • Is her partner willing to have your help?

How you can help

There are quite a few areas where you can do to help your daughter start strong on her parenting journey.

Some ideas involve:

  1. Knowing the transition from workplace to motherhood isn’t always easy for new mothers, and can take time.
  2. Offering encouragement and support to establish breastfeeding and a close attachment with baby in the early weeks, by being available to help with meals, housework and errands.
  3. By supporting and encouraging the parent/ family relationship.
  4. By being a listening ear for your daughter, the new mother.
  5. Connecting in various ways ie.Text, call, visit, email, cards, gifts and outings together.
  6. Understanding they are raising their baby in a different time to when you had little ones, and the influences around them are different.
  7. Allowing them space to parent how they choose to parent.
  8. By being calm and patient.
  9. By praying! Prayer can be a Grandmother’s secret weapon in all sorts of situations.

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Have you had a good or bad experience as you and your family managed this new baby season? 

Article supplied with thanks to Treasuring Mothers.

About the Author: Jan Murry is a registered Midwife, Child and Family Health nurse and founder of ‘Settle Petal’. She is passionate about seeing young families flourish and build strong and healthy foundations for the future.