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Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Ways to Beat the Transition Blues

Change and its best buddy, Transition, are everywhere. Overwhelmed? The good news is: You are not alone! Here are 5 ways to beat the blues.

Why I’m not Afraid to Take my Kids Out in Public

Here are some tips to make things go smoother, learned over many years of extensive shopping, with multiple children, in public places!

How to Be a Better Friend and Understand Your Adult Children

By: Jenny Baxter How do you be a better friend, colleague, or for that matter, mother to your adult children?

17 Tips If You’re an Overtired Mother to Get Your Mojo Back!

What do you do when you get to the point of complete exhaustion? Don’t ignore the signs of overtiredness, here are 17 tips to recover quickly.

Do You Have Generational Gaps in Life-Skills?

“If she missed out on learning to cook, what else had her mother failed to pass on? Because clearly, you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Teaching the Little Things, Like Swallowing Peas?

Unsurprisingly, it’s the little things that take you by surprise. Too late you discover the things you didn’t teach your kids. 

Be a Better Friend and Understand Your Adult Children

I’ve discovered the world has two types of people. Realising that some people are relational and others are tasky, helped me to be a better friend.

A Fresh Perspective on a Routine Assignment

“Parenting is the most important job anyone will ever do.” It read like some soppy sentiment to begin with, but he came back to it again and again.

How to Trust Your Motherly Intuition

How did Anna know what to do with her screaming baby? By trusting her motherly intuition – and with a little help from her Mamma!

Why I’m not Afraid to Take my Kids Out in Public

You just don’t know what sort of day that mother and kids have had. So, it’s best not to judge based only on what you see.

Mothers Pray: Your Prayer Adventure

This Life Hack is all about prayer, and praying for the ups and downs in your motherhood life. Here are some pointers about prayer.

Motherhood Life Hack: Look after Yourself

I got a gym injury and didn’t do anything about it. I’m pretty good at regular health checks but did I look after myself? Not very well.

Teach Your Kids Self-Awareness

How to teach your kids self-awareness so they understand themselves better, and know the impact they are having on others.

Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Ways to Beat the Transition Blues

Sometimes, it helps to remember that no one, young or old, likes change. You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed, you CAN beat the transition blues.

A Dad who Loved with All His Heart!

As a result of his wartime experiences, Dad had a thing about speed, machines and death. And he over-compensated in a lovely kind of way.

HELP! My Kids Ask Me Too Many Questions!

Why? What? When? Where? How? You could almost describe it as a syndrome – the Little Voice with Endless Questions or LVEQs.

You CAN be a Mother-in-Law Legend!

Help is not always about cuddling your grandchild. But it could be doing some chores to keep the family home running with a newborn in the house.

Let’s Be Collaborators, Not Competitors!

As a mum, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of seeing other mothers as competitors. When we meet another mum, we start making comparisons.