Enola Holmes 2 – A Reel Dialogue Movie Review

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Based on the mystery series by Nancy Springer, we open the second chapter of Sherlock Holmes’ (Henry Cavill) younger sister, Enola (Millie Bobby Brown).

Despite diverting from the original series, most of the favoured characters are back for the latest adventure from the budding English sleuth. She puts out her own shingle advertising her services to anyone who might need a mystery solved and may connect with her sibling’s name.

Enola does get some customers intrigued by her agency. Still, once they discover her age, most ask if they could be introduced to her famous brother. As things look bleak for this new venture, a young match-girl named Bessie (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss) needs assistance finding her lost sister. Not that she is her actual sibling, instead, they work together in the local match factory, and Sarah (Hannah Dodd) has been missing for some time. Since this is the first confirmed case, the youngest Holmes takes up the challenge and decides to go undercover in the factory to look for clues.

As she digs into the mysterious actions of the factory owners, the detective realises that there are many influential people behind the disappearance of the other matchstick girl. Also, Enola’s job manages to cross paths with Sherlock’s latest case, which has him perplexed and desperate for answers.

Since the welcomed first edition of this franchise, fans have been eagerly anticipating when the Holmes siblings would return to Netflix. Even though Sam Claflin was not available for this excursion, everyone else was back with the inclusion of a fresh set of characters that make this an outstanding follow-up to the maiden venture. Millie Bobby Brown leads the charge with the innocence and brilliance needed to make this believable and engaging. Then to add the Guy Ritchie-inspired filming and the tasteful use of the fourth-wall breaks, this instalment has all of the inventiveness of the original and provides new depth to the series.

Veteran cast members like Adeel Akhtar, Helena Bonham Carter, and David Thewlis seem to enjoy every moment of this new journey. Especially the introduction of Moriarty to the series brings an unexpected twist, as this version will bring new light to this familiar foe. While the inclusion of the historical events around the industrial action involving the matchstick girls did feel forced and the only misstep in this otherwise original mystery. Yet, it would take more to derail this franchise. On the contrary, my dear Watson, this only should make fans more excited since the game is now afoot.

Reel Dialogue: Can Justice be Done?

One of the key themes of this detective film is the underlying desire for justice for those forgotten within society. Things become evident within the motives of the young detective as the story unfolds. Yet, she does appear to be an agent for the marginalised in this world.

In our modern global community, law enforcement, the judicial system, and even God seem to be questioned on their ability to handle the proper administration of justice. How can we know that justice will prevail in this world? Thankfully, despite the most desperate situations, there are answers to these questions, and the role of righteous judge has been taken. The Bible does provide solutions to the subject of justice in our lifetime and how it will play out throughout eternity. Why not consider these answers to your questions today.

“Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.” – Isaiah 30:18

What else does the Bible have to say about justice?

See Psalm 37:27-29, Luke 6:37, Romans 12:19

Article supplied with thanks to City Bible Forum.

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