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Academy Awards 2024 Nominations and Predictions

The Academy Awards (Oscars) will be aired on March 11 Australia-time. Here is Reel Dialogue’s full list of predictions.

How to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Movie Night for Free

With just a little planning, it’s not hard to create a relaxed and romantic Valentine’s Day movie night at home.

No Prince Charming for Asha in the Latest Enchanting Disney Tale, ‘Wish’

‘Wish’ falls down with its music, its villain, and its lack of a love interest, writes Reel Dialogue film critic Russ Matthews.

Rebel Moon (A Streaming Film Review)

Director Zack Snyder wanted to make a Star Wars film and Lucas film said “No”, so Snyder struck out on his own, and thus, Rebel Moon was born.

Agent Aaron Faulk is Back in Force of Nature: The Dry 2

Federal Agent Aaron Faulk (Eric Bana) is back as he heads into the Victorian Giralang Ranges to investigate a missing person case.

‘Mean Girls’ Reboot Will Bring Barbie Crowd Back to the Cinemas

The 2024 musical reboot of ‘Mean Girls’ tells a familiar story, though most of the cast has changed since the original two decades ago.

Adam Sandler Meets Pop Psychology in Family Flick ‘Leo’

As Adam Sandler closes the door on Hotel Transylvania, these new animated characters are the ideal new setting for his comic skill…

Quirky True Story Comes to Life in ‘Next Goal Wins’

In ‘Next Goal Wins’, Taika Waititi returns to his independent roots, and is speaking with his own voice again.

‘One Life’ Tells the Moving Story of the Kindertransport

This triumph of a film is delicate and caring in depicting the story of saving hundreds of children across a continent infected by the Nazis.

The Velveteen Rabbit Comes to Life on the Big Screen

The bond between the 7-year-old William and his latest toy, a velveteen rabbit, is at the centre of this coming-of-age story.

Wonka’s Chocolatey Backstory is a Breath of Fresh Air

‘Wonka’ takes us back to the origin story of Willy, the Oompa Loompas (Hugh Grant), and how the famous chocolate factory came to life.

Family Road Trip Meets Spy Thriller in Mark Wahlberg’s ‘The Family Plan’

This ‘True Lies’-inspired storyline will draw audiences into a world of carpools, kickboxing classes, and the occasional assassination.

A Rare Gem: ‘The Holdovers’ is a Christmas Movie With a Difference

The Holdovers is an unexpected joy with a different aesthetic appeal than your typical holiday movie. The beauty is just under the surface.

‘Napoleon’ is Best Seen on the Big Screen [Movie Review]

While sparks fly on the military front line, the fireworks fail on the homefront in this telling of Napoleon’s story, writes Russ Matthews.

Julian Dennison Shines in Heartwarming Kiwi Comedy ‘Uproar’

Protaganist Josh finds his voice not in the dramatic world and the political arena as he comes to terms with his identity and heritage.

Greatest Showman Meets the Messiah in ‘The Journey to Bethlehem’ [Movie Review]

It takes plenty of license, but ‘The Journey to Bethlehem’ is great for those wanting to introduce friends and family to the Christmas story.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes [Movie Review]

In this prequel we meet the infamous President Snow as a child and during the era that leads up to the creation of The Hunger Games.

Behind the Scenes of Christmas Musical ‘Journey to Bethlehem’

“There’s a lot of darkness in the world and this movie is a bright light [that] shines a light on the ultimate bright light which is Christ.”