Christian Teaching

Is Space Really the Final Frontier?

While Jean Luc Picard is not quite fully human, and not quite fully AI, the Bible tells us that Jesus is both fully human and fully God.

Leave the Outcomes to God

Trusting in the Lord means to abandon our own understanding of the way things are or should be, and to surrender to him.

When Experience Holds You Back

I guess every advantage has a shadow, and it’s as well to be aware that even experience has potential hazards.

You Have the Power, But Are You Willing?

What we are willing to do or not do, impacts others. What if we used our power on behalf of the powerless?

Leave the Outcomes to God

When the outcomes we want are out of reach, we can get frustrated. Yet, God teaches us to trust and to leave the outcomes to him.

This Too Shall Pass

Life is filled with moments of change, both good and bad. In those times, it’s important to have an unchanging anchor.

A Simple Cup of Joy

‘Do you want this coffee?’, my mum asked. Little did she know that in that one sentence and gesture, she was affirming my faith.

Is Barbie Fake?

Did you know they almost ran out of pink paint making the Barbie movie? That’s because things had to look really fake.

Why Don’t Motorcyclists Nod to Scooters?

As humans there’ll always be an “us” and a “them”. But Jesus says to love everyone. Especially those who don’t ‘nod’ back!

Being Single has Eternal Value, Says Theologian

God has a vision and a purpose and a dignity for singleness in the life of His people that is grander than we realise.

When Leaders Fall

No-one is immune to failure, but it is still deeply unsettling when someone we trusted and looked up to turns out to be deeply flawed.

Limiting Beliefs: Things That Hold us Back

Feeling like God hasn’t kept our ‘bargain’ limits our ability to trust God. Brian Harris unpacks the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

7 Christian Principles To Help Us Adopt AI in a Human-Centered Way

How do we make sense of the changes AI is bringing? What principles can we use to think through what we adopt and how we adopt it?

Tim Keller’s Last Word on Forgiveness

Tim Keller’s final book does what the writer did for the bulk of his ministry: it infuses a deep gracious call for spiritual transformation.

What’s Happened to Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso episodes have become bloated. Episodes are now 60 minutes long. There’s more drama and less comedy. And everyone has daddy issues.

Grateful, Engaged, Open: 3 Postures to Adopt

Some of the most bitter people have the most to be grateful for – they just can’t see it, writes Brian Harris.

Flourishing in Winter

Any full life has its winters. It certainly isn’t non stop, full steam ahead productivity. So is it possible to flourish in winter?

3 Truths to Navigate in a Season of Uncertainty

Here are three truths that writer and traveller Sonja Chua learned and re-learned about God during times of uncertainty.