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The Costs of Working in Australia

Work-related costs, such as transportation, lunches, education, and childcare, are weighing heavily on Australians.

Don’t Spend 5 Days of the Week Waiting for 2

5 out of 7 days we can work not primarily for those who employ us, but doing everything in the name of Jesus, writes Brian Harris.

Three Things to Get Right When Your Work Feels ‘Meh’

The job that you were once so excited to have landed no longer sparks the same joy. What can you do about it?

Consider This Before You Quiet Quit

In Christ, we have the wisdom and strength to do more than quiet quit—to go deep and identify the root issue of our struggles, writes Jane Lim.

Why Culture, Not Goals, Sets High Performing Teams Apart

Organisational leaders have an opportunity and a responsibility to shape the environment that their team engage with every day, writes Sophie Renton.

Why Culture Could Be Your Company’s Make or Break

The COVID pandemic has seen an uptick in the number of employees quitting jobs. To keep workers interested, businesses are having to change tactics.

What Gen Z Are Looking For As They Enter the World of Work

The world in which educators are preparing students for is changing, and so too are the students themselves, writes Ashley Fell.

‘Nope Speed’ – Moving So Fast That You Fall Apart… Sound Familiar?

People have a ‘nope-speed’. It’s when someone spins faster and faster under the pressures of work until their life falls apart in slow motion.

Is Your Work a One-Sided Romance? Find a New Identity

if you can make a living from something you love, it won’t feel like work at all. That’s the theory. But what if work becomes your identity?

Millennials and Their Career Expectations

Millennials are now stepping into leadership roles and progressing their careers. HR consultant Shelley Johnson talks about their career expectations.

Work was Given to Adam and Eve Before “The Fall” – How the Mundane Can Be Meaningful

Authors Shannon Vandewarker and Denise Daniels’ new book considers how Christians can enhance their everyday occupation through spiritual intention.

Christian’s Story — How My Work Became My Worship

As a clinical therapist at an inpatient psychiatric facility, Christian serves people facing suicidal ideation, extreme anxiety, or psychosis.

Women Make Up 47% of the Workforce but Underrepresented in Leadership

In order for organisations to achieve demographic diversity, it is important to understand what some of the barriers are.

Malawi Sewing School Graduates Given a New Future

This year, 20 women have already graduated with the skills needed to have their own textiles business, and manage their own household and finances.

How To Crowdsource Creativity

Some of the best ideas for innovation, creativity and invention don’t lie somewhere ‘out there’; they are often right under our noses.

How to Stop Work From Taking Over Your Life

If you’ve ever been caught in the modern malady of overwork and hyper-productivity, you’re not alone. And this conversation is for you.

Whatever Your Job is Today, Treat it as a Caring Profession. Here’s Why

For most of us the phrase ‘caring profession’ probably brings to mind jobs like nursing, teaching and social work. But this list is far too small.

Australians Commuting on Average 48 Minutes per Day

Average commuting times per day since this decade began has increased from 40 minutes to 48 minutes, an increased commute time of 20%.