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What is Your Operating System?

What is your operating system, for life? Where do you go to find beauty? Or purpose? Or peace? How do you make meaningful connections?

Lessons From My Dad

The best way I can honour my father is to share some of the lessons he gave me in the short 12 years I had with him.

“You Choose Your Hard” – Or Do You?

There is a popular social media post doing the rounds that says “You Choose Your Hard.” But there’s something it’s missing…

Knowledge or Wisdom? One is Better Than the Other

While it is useful to be knowledgeable, it is rather far more important to be wise, writes theological thinker Brian Harris.

We Need a New Renaissance of Faith. These Three Commitments Can Help

The world is in a mess. Many Christians are falling for conspiracy theories. We need a new renaissance and these commitments can help deliver it.

Who’s thinking for you?

If a 15-year-old boy can manipulate people, what hope do we have against those who spend their days attempting to shape our thoughts and lives?