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Following Your Values Can Increase Your Enjoyment of Christmas

Paying attention to which activities align with our values is a great way for us to increase meaning and enjoyment at Christmas time.

Grateful, Engaged, Open: 3 Postures to Adopt

Some of the most bitter people have the most to be grateful for – they just can’t see it, writes Brian Harris.

How to Identify Your Personal Values – And Why They Matter

Our personal values are what motivates our behaviour as well as how we judge our actions. That’s why knowing our values is so important.

Try a Little Kindness – The Results Can Be Surprising

Offering a kind word can not only make someone’s day better, but knowing someone is thinking about them, can make all the difference in the world.

The Cultivation of Character

It can no longer be about looking good. Cultivation of character is about being good. What if we expected more of ourselves, our kids and the teams we lead?

Would Your Business Values Pass the Test?

Especially in uncertain times, a business that acts with transparency is doing their people, their profits and their customers a big favour.