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The New Variant: “Get Your Booster”

With Omicron cases on the rise, the government is urging people to get their booster shot, as restrictions are set to ease.

Friends, I Beg You: Stop Passing on Covid Information You’re Not Qualified to Understand

Too many of us are taking on the task of interpreting medical and public health data and procedures we have no knowledge about.

Women Church Leaders Calling on Government to Share Vaccines with World’s Poor

The Micah Women Leaders Delegation lobbied for continued and increasing generosity to Australia’s neighbours particularly regarding vaccine sharing.

In a COVID World, Do I Still Need a Regular Flu Jab?

With COVID in the spotlight, a study shows that more people are concentrating on getting the coronavirus vaccine over the flu shot.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Where Are You in the Queue?

As the world continues to reel in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, when can you expect to receive the vaccine and who is first on the list?

What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccines Australia has Secured

The Australian Government has entered into four separate agreements for the supply of vaccines, investing more than $3.3 billion

Christians Have a Right to Question COVID-19 Vaccines, But Oxford Trials Aren’t Tainted

Two leading Christian medical ethicists believe there’s nothing morally wrong with accepting a coronavirus vaccine made using foetal cell lines.