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Ukraine is Still Standing, and it Needs Your Help

Dr Rudolf Myhovych, Head of Christian Medical Fellowship of Ukraine, believes it’s a miracle Ukrainians are still standing strong.

“Made With Love”: Elderly Aussies Send Hope to Ukraine’s Kids

Teddy bears made by elderly Australians and Kiwis are being delivered to displaced children in a war-torn land.

Planting Flowers in Wartime, Ukraine

Spring is coming in Ukraine and in the midst of all the horror and death that the Russian invasion has inflicted on Kyiv, people are planting flowers.

How Christians Are Helping Ukrainian Refugees In Hungary

Akos Balogh spoke to a Hungarian Christian aid worker to hear about the 350,000 Ukrainian refugees in Hungary and how they’re being supported.

Running Towards the Disaster: Samaritan’s Purse in Ukraine

Samaritan’s Purse has feet on the ground in Ukraine and explains why when a disaster happens they want to be there helping people in a practical way.

7 Reflections on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

War should not drive us to despair, but help us yearn for the new creation, writes Akos Balogh, in this reflection on the invasion of Ukraine.

World Vision Ready to Support Children Impacted by Ukraine Crisis

World Vision is hugely concerned for the welfare of Ukraine’s children, warning of the great risks they face if the Russia-Ukraine crisis escalates.

A Call to Prayer for Ukraine from FEBC

Sergey, host of a Bible program on FEBC-Ukraine radio, and FEBC Russia’s director Victor Akhterov, urge us to pray for Ukraine following Russian attack.