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A Father’s Letter To His Daughter (About Living In a World That Degrades Women)

Part of me wishes I didn’t have to write this letter. I wish we lived in a world where all men treated all women with dignity and respect, at all times.

“Leave Them Alone and They’ll Come Home”

Should we as parents accept the inevitability of losing connection with our kids when they become teens, or can we dare to hope for something better?

Sexting: What to Do if It Happens to Your Child

Most unsolicited sexting and requests for nude images follow a typical pattern. Often our children don’t recognise they’re in danger until it is too late.

How Do You Talk To Your Teen About Porn?

Just because your child does not mention it, does not mean they have not been exposed. Here’s some tips when starting a conversation.

Ten Things I Want My Tween Son to Know

Your body is changing, your voice is sounding different, and your brain is struggling to keep up. I’ve been thinking about some things you should know.

The Art of Parenting: Knowing When to Step In, and When to Step Out

Parents who seem to walk the ‘involvement’ line best, seem to do these following five things consistently with their tweens and teens.