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Are Your Led by Your Feelings or Faith? 5 Subconscious Lies That Can Deceive Christians

We’re living in a society where we think our feelings are critical to our existence, and it’s all sorts of beliefs that shape us, writes Akos Balogh.

How to Combat Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories of all kinds are proliferating right now, dividing families and communities, and putting the health of many at risk.

‘Don’t Look Up’ – How Do You Get People to See the Truth? [Movie Review]

Faith, in fact, gets an interesting wrap in ‘Don’t Look Up’ and also anchors one of the most sincere moments in the movie.

The ‘Great Untruth’ That Could End Our Democracy

This ‘great untruth’ is leading to the polarisation of our community. If left unchecked, it could spell the end of our democracy.

What To Do When Your Child Lies To You

Studies show that beginning at about the age of three, kids begin lying to conceal things they have done wrong and will readily lie to avoid punishment.