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Because Every Yes is Also a No

Brian Harris suggests, each time we are about to say “yes”, why not pause and ask, “what does this mean I am saying no to?”

Disruptions to Workflow Do Not Have to Be Normal

Imagine your diary is at a predictable place so that people know when you are working and when you can be contacted. You can make it happen!

Don’t Have Time For Your Dream Life? Maybe You Do…

If you catch yourself saying you don’t have enough time for something, rephrase it as: “this is not a priority for me”, writes Yiqin Houston.

Unbusy, Subversive and Apocalyptic: Three Big Eugene Peterson Words

Eugene Peterson once said pastors should be ‘unbusy’, ‘subversive’ and ‘apocalyptic’. I say this should apply to ALL followers of Jesus.

You Are Doing Enough – Maintaining Balance in a Busy World

These days I find myself saying “no” far more easily to things I would’ve said “yes” a thousand times to perhaps a few years ago.