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Mustard Vinaigrette

This tangy mustard vinaigrette is an easy and versatile dressing for almost any salad or over steamed vegetables, plus it’s quick and easy to make.

Everything You Need to Know About Cassava Flour – With Paleo Friendly Recipes

A guide to cassava flour – how it’s made, its health benefits, baking and substituting, where to purchase, and some yummy recipes for you to enjoy.

The Best Way To Cleanse Your Liver (NAFLD Recipes)

A collection of Paleo-friendly liver-cleansing recipes, for those with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and anyone wanting to have a healthier liver.

Sweet Potatoes vs. White Potatoes

How do “sweet potatoes” compare with regular “white potatoes”?

Chocolate & Beetroot Cupcakes

These chocolate & beetroot cupcakes are moist, fudgy and are the ultimate way to sneak in extra veggies that you can’t even taste!

Broccoli Bake

This tasty broccoli bake uses cooked cauliflower, chicken broth, coconut cream and spices in a very tasty and creamy white sauce.

Panna Cotta with Roasted Strawberries

This dairy-free Panna Cotta is silky and smooth and so tasty topped with roasted balsamic strawberries!

Paleo Strawberry Jam

This naturally sweetened strawberry jam is not only great as a spread, but can also be used as a topping for pancakes or as filling in a flan or tart.

Dairy-Free Mango & Yoghurt Ice Cream

This simple creamy mango treat has only three ingredients, when your kids ask for dessert, this is the kind of treat you can say YES to.

Pumpkin Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce

This beautifully flavoured, light-textured Pumpkin Sticky Date Pudding is perfect for any occasion, and no one will guess it contains vegetables!

Apple ‘n’ Spice Smoothie

This lovely creamy smoothie tastes just like an apple pie, it’s such a refreshing smoothie and a great way to start the day.

Moroccan Carrot Salad

This quick and easy carrot salad pairs with so many dishes, it’s a great side dish for a BBQ but also presents well served for a more formal meal.

Raw Layered Chocolate Squares

This amazing delicious raw chocolate slice has a crunchy base with a creamy chocolate mousse filling and is topped with chocolate.

Paleo Butter Chicken

This butter chicken is so delicious and simple to make. It’s perfectly spiced and creamy, you’d never know that this recipe is dairy-free.

Coconut Yoghurt Chia and Berry Pudding

This smooth and creamy coconut yoghurt chia pudding is a great way to start the day as it’s packed with many nutrients and will keep you full for hours.

Cauliflower and Parsnip Mash

This creamy and fluffy, low carb mash is delicious served with a roast, stews, meatballs or use to top Shepherd’s Pie or any dish where mash is needed.

Egg Salad

This easy, creamy and flavour-packed egg salad goes perfectly with BBQ meat and a green salad, plus the leftovers are even tastier the next day!

Chocolate Mint Slice

This recipe is the perfect After Dinner Mint Slice, these healthy raw chocolate mint slices are packed with flavour and contain heaps of nutrients!