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Choose Life – Gian’s Story

Creative. Filmmaker. Surfer. Musician. Storyteller. Gian shares his story about a journey through addiction, recovery, and sharing faith.

A Creative Entrepreneur, Influencing Culture — Moyin’s Story

The pioneer of her own media career in a time where it wasn’t the norm to do so, Moyin knows a thing or two about living with a mission and never giving up.

Okay, So it’s a Secular Age – But Jesus is Still Working

We don’t need to tailor the gospel message to make it more acceptable to the modern progressive mind, writes Stephen McAlpine.

Vulnerability Creates Opportunities to Share Faith: Laura’s Story

Laura’s story shows that a simple a word of encouragement, or just asking “Are you OK?”—can really change someone’s life.

God Works Through Small Acts: Harrison’s Story

Being intentional about those little daily interactions you have with people you cross paths with each day, can open a door to sharing faith.

You Never Know How God is Working in People’s Lives — Princess’ Story

During the pandemic, Princess encouraged friends with daily bible verses. She learnt just how powerful God’s word is at transforming lives.

A Simple Secret That Makes Sharing Jesus Easy – Bella’s Story

For Bella, stepping out to share her faith at work was a challenge… until she discovered a simple secret that made all the difference.

“Was I Good to You?” – US Actor Kevin Quinn Says This Should Be Your Life’s Legacy

Kevin Quinn’s five-track project is the product of years of questions he asked about faith and life, and his intense desire to use time well.

“Embracing My Past Helps me Share About Jesus”—Jesse

Jesse is a life coach—passionate about skateboarding and Jesus. He talksabout his story and how he uses his past to change people’s future…

“Jesus Changed My Life” – Rapper and Producer Jack Shares his Story

Jack is a rapper, music producer and a passionate Jesus-man. He shares about his journey of sharing his faith with friends.